Controlling Technology without Touching It

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Technology is always advancing around us and there are so many ways to use it in our lives. It seems that everyday, the world uses technology in so many new ways. One way scientists are trying to take it to the next level is by introducing the Myo Armband!

Just what is this device and how it is considered “the next level of technology”? The Myo Armband ia worn on the forearm, and controls technology around you. It is synced with any device that a person uses, and it connects and controls the devices using the armband. Here’s how it looks: 

So, exactly does this device work? Well, the Myo doesn’t even need to scan the movements of your arm. It processes the movement inside of your arm to control a device, like this:  

When you move your arm and hands, the Myo understands the command and follows it. There are many ways to use this. For example, flying a drone, playing a video game, or using a computer. Once the Myo is synced, you can control the device you want without laying a finger on it. Here’s a video to show a little more about what it can do: This device helps you control anything you please without you even touching anything.

The Myo starts at a price of $200 and is currently available for purchase. The co-founder of this device is Stephen Lake, who works in Thalmic labs to improve the Myo. A developer named Scott said, “It’s hot off the grill and ready for your fingers” (Tolksdorf 1).

There you have it, the Myo Armband is truly a revolutionary device and it helps technology get to the next level. So what are you waiting for? Go buy one today!