Zenbo: Your Robot Sidekick!

Zephan Deepu, Writer, Layout Editor

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       Have you ever dreamed of having a robot assistant roaming around the house with you? Or to have a robot that can you can just talk to when you’re feeling down? Well, look no further, a brand new robot has come into stock and it is ready to be the robot who’s there to help you. Say hello to Zenbo!

       To start, what is Zenbo? Well, Zenbo is a robot that is your personal helper. It is made to protect the house and help you anyway it could.

       Unlike other personal assistance like Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant, Zenbo travels around the house ready to answer any question you want, whether it’s “What’s the weather?” or “What’s the score for the Yankees game?” He also is compatible with smart devices , which helps him perform tasks for you. With smart devices, you can say, “Hey Zenbo, turn on the T.V.” or “Hey Zenbo, turn on the light.” Zenbo also alerts you if a door or window has been opened in case an intruder tries to break in. He even has a camera in his face if you wanted to take a picture. To see what Zenbo can do, check out this demonstration video.

       Zenbo can do many tasks, but costs a great amount. As of publishing, its current retail price is  $600 for pre orders, which began January 1, 2019. Although there still hasn’t been a release date for the robot yet, when It was first revealed in 2017, it has generated a great deal of excitement since then. Even many technologic developers are excited for this robot and is pretty impressed with it. The official ASUS website says, “Zenbo won 3 awards in 2017 Computex, they are Best Choice of the Year Award, Best Choice Golden Award, and Computex d&i Award” (zenbo.asus.com).  Zenbo is planning on expanding to other places besides homes. In Japan, Zenbo is everywhere whether he is trying to help out in schools and even medicine offices. They are hoping to bring that to America as well.

       Zenbo is a home assistant ready to help you whenever it can. The developers are really excited to share Zenbo with the world and hopes that you too will bring one into your home. All you need to say is “Hey Zenbo”, and he will be there to help.




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