2022-2023 Staff

Editor, Writer

Maxine de Vries

Maxine is a 6th grader in House 3 (House of the Dragon). She is a writer and editor for the Falcon Press. She enjoys writing about local and international news and reviews. She also loves reading and playing board games with ...

Editor, Writer

Johannes Dohl

Johannes is 13 years old, is in 8th grade, and is an editor in the Falcon Press. Johannes is a Star Scout in Boy Scouts (Troop 39 Morris Plains), does Karate, and loves acting. Johannes is VERY energetic and can sometimes be desc...

Layout Editor, Writer

Kiersten Van Ry

Kiersten Van Ry is a 6th grader in house 2. This is her first year doing Falcon Press. She loves to dance and do art, and she is always a kind student to everyone she meets!...

Layout Editor, Writer

Leah Mitchell

Leah is an 8th grader in house 2, she likes D&D, and any fantasy RPGs. She likes reading and writing, and hanging out with friends.


Luke Velardi

Luke Velardi is a House 3 Grade 7 student who is the first falcon press year tried out last year and didnt make it although I am excited to do it this year. I am really looking forward for what is to come....


Daniel Tuck

Daniel Tuck is a sixth grader in the House of the Tiger. His hobbies include being an avid reader and writer and lover of anything involving fantasy, including the roleplay game Dungeons and Dragons. He loves ELA and Social Studie...


Savannah Paul

Savannah is in 6th grade and is in the House of the Dragon. This is her first year on staff. Some hobbies she enjoys doing are drawing, writing, photography, and listening to music. ...


Evelyn Lih

Evelyn is a 6th grader in House 3. She loves to write fantasy stories and play with her dog. She has been on staff for one year....


Connor Leavy

Connor is a seventh-grader who likes photography video games writing and sports. He likes to talk to people but usually keeps to himself. He likes to have fun and make friends....


Alex Lawrence

Alex is a sixth-grader in House 1. He has been on staff for about a month and loves to play video games and read. When he has nothing to do, he plays with friends, plays video games, and loves to read ahead in his book club bo...


Brooks Hohorst

Brooks Hohorst is in sixth grade in house one and has been a writer on falcon press since the beginning of the year. he loves listening to music, and playing music....


Luke Cardinali

Luke Cardinali is in grade 6 house 3 loves woodworking, D&D, and board games. He enjoys writing and reading newspapers and hes happy to be a member of the falcon press


Scarlet Caragan

Scarlet is in house 3 and is in 7th grade. This is her first year on staff and is really excited for the newspaper club. Her hobbies are baking, Soccer, Martial arts, and she loves animals! :)...


Tara Gumpper

Tara is a 7th grader in the House of the Phoenix. She loves to write science and math articles, as well as fiction. This is her second year on staff. In her free time, you can find her reading, crocheting, playing various musical...


Leo Hudak

He is in grade 7, in house 3, and this is his second year on the staff. Some other interests that he has are playing sports, going to school, and reading books.

Staff Writer

Katherine Matras

Katherine is a 6th grader in House 1, and this is her first year in the Falcon Press. She loves writing about fantasy, and nonfiction. She loves reading, crafting, acting, singing, and dancing. Katherine is creative, loves so...

Editor, Layout Editor, Writer

Ollie Drivas

Ollie is an 8-1 Falcon Press senior editor. She is a jolly lover of rock & classical music, philosophy, and peace. Having grown up Greek, she is very passionate about her culture and the history behind it....

Senior Editor, Layout Editor, Writer

Rafael Oliveira

Rafael Oliveira is an 8th Grader in House 1 (the best House!) and he loves reading, drawing, and writing. He's been on the staff for two years and his favorite Pokemon is Scizor.

Senior Layout Editor, Writer

Penny (Grey) Kilpatrick

Penny is in 8th grade House 1, and they enjoy watching t.v., figure skating, baking, collecting crystals, and sleeping. Penny has been on staff as a writer and a layout editor for Falcon Press for a year, and is a senior layout...

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