2020-2021 Staff

Editor, Writer

Anhad Singh

Anhad Singh is a 7th Grader in House 2. This is her first year on the staff. She loves writing, and always has! Anhad enjoys reading, painting, acting, and playing with her dog....

Editor, Writer

Amelia Corcoran

Amelia is a sixth grader in House 2 who enjoys writing about virtually anything, playing guitar, and listening to 70s and 80s music. She has 3 pets who sometimes lay on her keyboard and add their own special touch to her articl...

Editor, Writer

Nikhil Chatterjee

Nikhil Chatterjee is in House 1 Grade 7. Nikhil is a very positive and innovative person, aiming to change someone with a negative mindset into someone who looks on the brightside. Nikhil also loves listening to and creating h...

Layout Editor, Writer

Penelope Kilpatrick

Penny Kilpatrick is a 6th grader in house 1. She loves to draw, bake, paint, and watch netflix! She is also super excited to be a part of the falcon press! ...

Layout Editor, Writer

Mason Mitchell

Mason is a seventh-grader in House 1. He is one of the Senior Layout Editors. He enjoys writing about science, technology, and other random things. He also likes food, platypus, sleeping and listening to the Wii Shop Channel Theme...


Liam McDonald

Liam is a staff writer.


Jeremy Argueta

Jeremy is a staff writer.


Eneida Gjoni

Eneida is a staff writer.


Johannes Dohl

Johannes is a sixth-grader in House of the Blue Phoenix, who likes to write about science, animals, weird discoveries, and (funny) politics! This is my first year on staff and to be precise its been 10 days, 1 hour and 8 minute...


Teagan Holloway

Teagan Holloway is an animal-loving sixth grader in house 1. In addition to the Falcon Press, she also participates in the biology cub. In her free time she enjoys reading, writing and singing....


Vincent Achilarre

This is Vince's first year on the staff as a 6th grader in House 1, and he loves to write. Vince enjoys running around outside, watching sports, and anything Harry Potter....


Emilia Nallabathula

Emilia Nallabathula is a sixth grader in House 1. She loves to draw and loves to ride her bike!...


Sydney Lyons

Sydney Lyons is a sixth grader in house 3. She enjoys baking and hanging out with friends. Her favorite subject is math and writing. She also loved getting the chance to be apart of the Falcon Press!...


Skye Romano

Skye is a 7th grader in House 2 and this is her first year as a staff writer in the Falcon Press. Some of her hobbies include fashion designing, reading, playing cello, writing, working out, hiking, soccer, learning about marine b...


Ryan Geraghty

Ryan Geraghty is a house two 8th grader at FMS. Ryan loves to be creative and express it through painting and writing. She also loves to cook and bake, listen to music, and especially watch the platform known as "Twitch." Finally,...


Leah Mitchell

Leah Mitchell is a sixth-grader in house 2. This is her first year writing for a school newspaper. She likes to freewrite, play the violin, and go on hikes....


Henry Griffee

Henry is a 7th grader in House 1. This is his second year on staff. He likes to go out outside along with watching and writing about sports. ...

Senior Editor, Writer

Starla Marcelo

Starla has been on staff since last year. They enjoy listening/playing music, writing, and watching movies. She is in the 7th grade in House 1. ...

Senior Editor, Layout Editor, Writer

Miles Gorman

Miles Gorman is a climate activist, proud nerd, and computer enthusiast. He is currently in 8th grade and enjoys debating, politics, and bragging about the PC he built. He also protests & organizes under the protesting alias...

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