2018-2019 Staff

Emmerie Stephens


Emmerie is in 6th grade in House 3. She highly dislikes hot dogs (both the taste and the smell). However, she loves her dog and swimming!

Phoebe Sciaino


Phoebe is an aspiring author. She loves to write stories as well as articles. She is in the House of the Dragon, in 6th grade, and this is her first time being on staff.Phoebe Sciaino

Caroline Price


This is Caroline's first year on the FP staff, as a 6th grader in house 2. Writing is her favorite part of school, besides lunch, because she's with all her friends.

Elizabeth Powers


Writing Interests are writing funny stories, comics, and doing writing pieces for school. She has been on the staff for three weeks, is in 6th grade, and in House 1. Her hobbies are reading, writing, and playing with dog.

Miles Gorman

Writer, Layout Editor

Miles Gorman is a proud nerd who enjoys reading and arguing about political matters. He is currently in 6th grade and is open to any and all ideas for articles, stories, or if you want a shoutout for a friend to be published in...

Olivia Gonzalez


Christian is in sixth grade in House 1. It is his first year as part of the Falcon Press and he likes writing fiction stories. He likes to swim and do kickboxing and watch Netflix.

Ryan Geraghty


This is Ryan's first year at Frelinghuysen. She is In House 2. Ryan loves to write so she used that ability to try out for Falcon Press, and she made it! :)

Jordan Ford


This is Jordan Ford's first year on Falcon Press. She is in 6th grade and in house 1. Her favorite sports are softball and basketball. She also likes to write.

Andrew Alexopoulos

Writer, Layout Editor

Andrew (Sometimes called Drew) Alexopoulos is a boy in 6th grade house 1 who likes to read, write, play video games, and swim. He likes to write about world news and things that might be interesting to readers his age.

Emily Bongo

Writer, Layout Editor

Emily Bongo likes writing fictional stories for fun, and even sometimes likes writing responses. She reads mainly fantasy and get inspired for the books she reads. But she wanted to join Falcon Press to get better at writing,...

Naomi Williams

Editor, Writer

Naomi Williams is a 7th grader in House Two. SHe was on staff last year but also does TSA and Fall Art Honors Club. Outside of school she loves to read crime novels.

Kate Ilias


Kate Ilias is a seventh grader in House 3. This is her second year on the Falcon Press staff and loves to write. When she is not writing articles, she can be found reading, riding her bike, or cooking.

Olivia Gustavsen


Olivia Gustavsen is a 7th grader in House 3. This is her second year on staff. She loves writing, photography, and music. Her favorite color is yellow and her favorite country that she's been to is South Africa.

Zephan Deepu

Layout Editor, Writer

Zephan Deepu is a 7th grade house 2 student. He loves to hang out outside, play video games, play musical instruments, watch movies, explore new places, and read books.

Jordan Dickman


Jordan has been on the Falcon Press staff for two years. His article are mostly about Entertainment and Technology. He is in 8 grade, house 1