Vuzix Blade’s Smart Glasses Lead to A Smart Life

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Vuzix Blade’s Smart Glasses Lead to A Smart Life

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Have you ever lost your phone? Or maybe you wanted to videotape something amazing, like fireworks, but you didn’t want to hold your phone up the whole time? How about that time when you were jogging outside using a GPS, but the problem was that you didn’t want to keep looking down at your phone for directions? Well, there is a way to fix all of those problems. Introducing the Vuzix Blade 3,000, the world’s most revolutionized smart glasses.

To start, you might want to know what the Vuzix Blade 3,000 is; they are new and amazing glasses created by a company named Vuzix. (So what does that mean?) Well, these aren’t just ordinary glasses, they can take pictures/videos, check your social media, predict the weather, utilize a built-in GPS, and more! Did you know that it also has a built-in Alexa? Anything an Alexa can do, your glasses can do. (Okay, so now we’re talking.) This is a basic picture of a Vuzix Blade:

It doesn’t look like much, but is sure does have a lot of stuff packed inside. This next picture shows how it looks on the inside of the lenses:



What the picture above is showing is what you see if you are wearing the glasses. Of course you can turn it off and look at things the way they’re supposed to be.


But that’s not all you can do, how about playing some video games? There is a feature that can detect your surroundings, and turn them into objects to shoot in a video game. Don’t forget about the touchpad that helps you scroll through the whole glasses experience. The glasses can also play music. According to Vuzix, “It’s a faster, easier, hands free extension of your smartphone” (Vuzix). Check out this video on the smart glasses:


Now that you know about the glasses, let’s learn about the company. Vuzix is a company that is all about smart glasses. The previous items this company has created were a Vuzix m100, Vuzix m300, Vuzix wrap 1200, etc. So far, they say that the cost of the Vuzix Blade 3,000 will be somewhat less than $1,000. The company is also planning to lower the cost to $500 (Tiernan). Ray Tiernan on Barrons also says, “the Blade can function apart from a phone, using its built in Bluetooth and Wifi connections, for some basic functionality”. That goes to say that the glasses will always know where you are if wearing them.


Have you ever had that time when you lost your phone; no worries, your Vuzix Blade could handle it. Maybe you wanted to videotape a concert, but you don’t want to hold your phone up the whole time, it’s fine, take out your smart glasses. You know you shouldn’t walk and look down at your phone; the glasses are right in your pocket. As you can see, the Vuzix Blade 3,000 is a very versatile tool, and it could benefit people in a major way.




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