Interview with Cathy Wilson, Chairwoman of the Morris Township Democratic Committee


Michael Goldberg, Writer

Have you ever wondered what it takes to run the town? Well, I have, and I’m about to find out! Cathy Wilson is a politician and the chairwoman of the Democratic Committee of Morris Township. I had the honor of interviewing Ms. Wilson to find out more about her position and work with Morris School District.


MG: How long have you lived in Morris Township?


CW: I’ve lived in Morris Township for 12 years.


MG: What is your new position in the Township Committee?


CW: I’m on the Township Committee. I don’t have a position yet, but I am the Chairwoman of the Morris Township Democratic Committee. I want to be in some of these sub-committees: Communications and Parks and Recreation.


MG: How do you feel about your job so far?


CW: I really like it so far.


MG: What is the main thing that you will work on with your job?


CW: I will fulfill the promises I made in my campaign, such as recieve grant money, make a ride program for the seniors, and make a Green Team to raise environmental awareness.


MG: How do you plan on helping Morris Township?


CW: I will attempt to create more internships and apprentice jobs in Morris Township for students.


MG: Do you work with the schools?


CW: Kind of; I work with the School Resource Officers Juan and Tia.


MG: Next question, how can you help kids in Morris Township?


CW: I will work with kids in high school on videos, where they will record and edit our meetings. I will expand opportunities with kids in school as well.


MG: Let’s see how that continues. Do you have any advice for middle schoolers?


CW: Stay in school, don’t do drugs, be active in things you like, and a quote from Joseph Campbell, “Follow your bliss!”


MG: Final question, what is your favorite middle school memory?


CW: It was when I won the sportsmanship award for field hockey in 7th or 8th grade.


That’s it for the interview! It was very exciting for me to interview Ms. Wilson; I learned a lot about her.  If you are interested in learning more about government, don’t be afraid to reach out to one of your local elected officials; they can teach you a lot!