A Better World: Subtle Ways We Can Make the World a Better Place


Ollie Drivas, Editor, Layout Editor, Staff Writer

     What do you do every day to ensure that this earth is safe and equitable for others? Do you do anything in order to achieve this goal? Now, reforming the world doesn’t have to be something major like curing cancer, but rather it is the smaller actions that count too. It’s alright not to know what you could do, but it’s never too late to find out. 


     Speak up about things that do harm to others and speak for those who are struggling. Join voluntary groups that have a good reputation, contact your local government about issues, and start passion projects about things you care about. Here is a list of advocacy groups if you don’t know where to start. There are ways to advocate on your own too. 


     Forgive someone who has done something minor. It is important to move on and give someone a second chance to prove themselves. It’s never a bad time to start over. 


     Many times, when we grow up, we lose our curiosity and sense of appreciation. It is a gift to have so many things. Even if it is hard to, appreciate true hard work from others, the things you have, and the people around you. 

Reuse Materials

     Don’t throw things away immediately. There are ways you can reuse things in order to reduce waste. For example, a way you can reuse a t-shirt is by making it into something new. A bottle can be turned into a flower pot, and shoes that don’t fit you anymore can be donated. 


     Check up on someone every once in a while, you never know who will appreciate another person that cares for them. 

     Remember: You are the change, no matter what you do, who you are, or what you believe. You change the world in every way possible, whether negative or positive. What will you do to be the change today?