FMS Track and Field 2023 Season Recap


FMS Track and Field Coaches

Congratulations to the track and field team for a great season! During the Girl’s County Championships, we placed 3rd. In the 100m sprint, Jayla Wright placed 4th and Diana Opondo-Ochieng placed 5th; in the 1600m, Olivia Eickmeyer placed 2nd and Charlotte Moronski placed 3rd; in the 400m sprint, Adele Ross placed 4th and Ella Drake placed 6th; in the 200m sprint, Marika Blaire placed 5th; in the 800m, Payton McGuinn placed 2nd; in the relay, Genica St. Agathe, Leila Myers, Loretta Langois, and Jayla Wright placed 3rd; and in the long jump event, Adele Ross placed 3rd.
During the Boy’s County Championships, we placed 4th. In the 100m sprint, Robbie Mauriello placed 4th and Zach McQueeney placed 5th; in the 400m sprint Taj Abdullah placed 1st and Andrew Ahern placed 2nd; in the 200m sprint, Justin Giardina placed 3rd; in the 800m Gavin Janosy placed 6th; and in the relay, Taj Abdullah, Zach McQueeney, Jayden Wright, and Andrew Ahern placed 3rd. During the field events, Kadin Hackett placed 5th in shot put and Robbie Mauriello placed 2nd and Justin Giardina placed 4th in long jump.

Thank you runners and throwers for a phenomenal season!!