NFL Power Rankings

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NFL Power Rankings

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The NFL is past mid season and many teams and players are popping out, but which teams are at the top of the list, in the hunt for a top spot, or stuck at the bottom? This list contains information on stats and players that show where they should really be. So let’s find out where your favorite team is on the list, and who’s #1?


  1. Cleveland Browns

Cleveland hasn’t won a game. Poor loyal Browns fans just want a win. This season they are 31st in the league in points per game at 15.9 (NFL). Last season they went 1-15 with only one win on a lucky missed field goal that helped them beat the Chargers. They still have high hopes for rookie Quarterback Deshone Kizer who has scored 4 touchdowns this season.


  1. New York Giants

The Giants took a loss to a no-win team, the 49ers in Week 10, so it doesn’t really help their effort to try and turn their season around. The critical loss of star receiver and Fan Favorite Odell Beckham Jr. does not help their chances. A good draft pick could be critical for the Giants, so it may not be a complete loss on the season.


  1. San Francisco 49ers

The Niners started out with a tough season, starting 0-9 before beating the New York Giants, which made Niners fans happy, but in the race for a top draft pick, it didn’t help their chances. Their best stat is that they average 224.4 passing yards a game which makes them the 16th best in that category in the NFL.


  1. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts had high hopes for a good season, but losing star Quarterback, Andrew Luck crushed their hopes. The Colts’ run game also needs to step up. Their Quarterback, Jacoby Brissett, leads the team in rushing touchdowns with only 3, but they average 95.9 rushing yards per game which is the 24th best in the league.


  1. Denver Broncos

The Broncos started out 3-1 on the season but dropped every game after. Some of their losses were to the Eagles by a score of 51-23 and to the Giants 23-10. After losing to the Giants, the Broncos’ confidence seems to have plummeted, which could be one of the reasons they are 24th in points per game averaging 18.4.


  1. Chicago Bears

After Chicago fans were angered by the trading of many valuable draft picks for Mitchell Trubisky, they then looked on the bright side and said that maybe he would be good. Well he’s had 3 touchdowns, thrown 2 interceptions and has been sacked 16 times. He has shared some playing time with veteran Quarterback Mike Glennon, who has also had 4 touchdowns. It will be interesting to watch Mitchell Trubisky finish the season. He might pick up 1 or 2 more wins in the rest of the season.


  1. Arizona Cardinals

After losing star Quarterback Carson Palmer, and star Running Back David Johnson, the Cardinals have had nothing going. They are the 2nd worst team in the league with rush yards per game 71.7, but recently picked up former star Running Back Adrian Peterson who already has 2 touchdowns. Larry Fitzgerald is playing well with 3 touchdowns, but it likely won’t be enough to save Arizona’s season.


  1. Houston Texans

Many sports analysts dubbed the Texans season over when star player J.J. Watt was injured and pronounced out for the season. The Texans have dropped three straight games since Week 3. Rookie Quarterback Deshaun Watson, who also was injured, has thrown 19 touchdowns this season, which puts the Texans at 7th in points per game with 26.2.


  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay has had a poor season because of their running game. Jameis Winston has thrown 10 touchdowns but Running Back Doug Martin has only run for 2. Putting them 30th in the league in rush yards at 79.8 per game.


  1. Miami Dolphins

With a 4-7 record the Miami Dolphins had playoff hopes until starting Quarterback Ryan Tannehill suffered an injury that ended his chances of playing this season. Backup Quarterback Jay Cutler has led the team to an Average of 15.8 points per game at 30th in the league.


  1. New York Jets

The Jets started out with a great season brewing, but the bad records predicted for them caught up. They don’t look very threatening to the rest of the league.


  1. Green Bay Packers

Green Bay had huge hopes for this season, but they faced injures too. Star Quarterback Aaron Rodgers was injured and declared to miss the rest of the season.


  1. Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals came into this season with low expectations and have not done much. Star receiver A.J. Green got into a fight on the field with Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey. No one else has done much else this season.


  1. Oakland Raiders

The Raiders sit at 5-6 currently with some tough games coming up against Philadelphia and Dallas. Playoff hopes are fading for the Raiders as of now.


  1. Washington Redskins

Washington has had a tough season losing their first game of the season, and their season has been a bumpy ride. They have turned out pretty average, but don’t look very threatening.


  1. Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers have turned around since the beginning of the season, but still do not have much to look forward to as a playoff run seems impossible right now.


  1. Dallas Cowboys

Dallas started out roaring, but injuries to Sean Lee and the suspension of Ezekiel Elliott have hurt their chances. Their season has taken a nosedive and chances are there will be no turnaround.


  1. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens have had an overall decent season sitting at 6-5 in the AFC North. They have to catch up to the Steelers at a 9-2 record, but they could clinch a wild card with some clutch games.


  1. Buffalo Bills

The Bills are having a very above average season for their preseason projections. Their best current stat is 12th in the league in rush yards at 116.5 per game.


  1. Jacksonville Jaguars

Blake Bortles is breaking out this season, and so is Running Back Leonard Fournette, with six touchdowns. Jags lead the league in rush yards per game at 154.3.


  1. Detroit Lions

Detroit has had a difficult season, but are sitting a 6-5, and have a decent shot. Matt Stafford their quarterback has also been playing well.


  1. Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City started out great being the only team to beat the Eagles, but they have not played very well lately. They are still over .500 which makes them one of the better teams in the league.


  1. Tennessee Titans

Titans Quarterback Marcus Mariota has led the team to a 7-4 record at the top of their division. Their greatest stat is 13th in rush yards per game at 115.2.


  1. Seattle Seahawks

Seattle has had a great season, while Russell Wilson has bounced in and out of the lineup. They are still 7th in the league in passing with 260.2.


  1. Carolina Panthers

Carolina has played unbelievably since rebounding from last season. 1 loss to Philly,  1 loss to the Bears, and 1 to the Saints. They are 5th best in rush yards at 129.2 per game.


  1. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons have a 7-4 record trying to bounce back from last years awful super bowl loss. They have 373.4 yards per game which is the 6th best in the league.


  1. New Orleans Saints

Sitting at 8-3, many Saints fans are satisfied, but they have to race against the Panthers, which will be tough. But they should be able to hold them off, considering they are 2nd best in the league in all purpose yards at an amazing 409.4 per game.


  1. Minnesota Vikings

Sitting at 9-2 (the second best record in the NFC), the Vikings are cruising through their schedule. They have 2 tough upcoming contests against the Panthers and the Falcons.


  1. Los Angeles Rams

At 8-3 and in a competitive spot for the NFC west, the Rams will have a challenging rest of season. But they can handle it because they are 2nd best in the league in points per game averaging 29.9.


  1. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have had a great season as was expected. With a record of 9-2 and on a 6 game win streak the Steelers look to seal up a playoff spot in the next few weeks. They are 5th in the league in pass yards per game at 262.9.


  1. New England Patriots

The patriots are tied to be the best team in the AFC at 9-2. They will clash with the Patriots on 12/18, so mark your calendars to see what could be a preview of the AFC championship game!


  1. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are 10-1 this season. A shocking sophomore season breakout by Quarterback Carson Wentz who has scored 28 touchdowns this season. They lead the league in average points per game at 31.9.



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