The Stanley Cup


Connor Leavy, Staff Writer

     Hockey is a sport loved by many. In both the Easter and Western conferences of professional hockey, there is a tournament that takes place named the Stanley Cup. The team that ends up with the trophy by the end are highly praised and leave the fans even more excited than the team itself. There are many reasons why the Stanley Cup is widely loved, including its unique history and predictions of who will win.

     The tournament determines the champion of the professional ice hockey tournament, the Stanley Cup. The actual trophy was originally meant to go to the amazing Canadian team, the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association. Amateurs competed for the cup in the early years, but, as the number of professional teams grew, amateurs left the competition. The cup became the property of the National Hockey League in 1926.

     Each year, there are predictions for the winner of the Stanley Cup. The team that is predicted to win the cup this year are the Toronto Maple Leafs. But others also believe that the New Jersey Devils have their own chance due to their attack. Many bets have been placed on both teams and they are believed to have the best chance at winning. 

     To conclude, the Stanley Cup is a hockey tournament that everyone loves for its predictions and the history. The Stanley Cup is great to watch with family and friends and even acquaintances. If you ever have a chance go and grab a buddy, turn on the channel, and watch some puck.