Should Gum Be Allowed at FMS?


Luke Cardinali, Staff Writer

Many kids chew gum throughout the day even though some teachers have banned it. But should it be abolished from FMS? Many people say that gum helps to calm them down, others enjoy the taste in their mouth, and still others need it to focus. On the other hand, some people find chewing gum a distraction especially if it is chewed loudly. Other people dislike chewing gum because it may get them in trouble. Of course everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. There are many reasons for and against chewing bubble gum in school.


Why FMS Should Ban Gum

Many teachers have already banned gum (three to my knowledge). One teacher banned it from her classroom because she found chewed-up gum on her carpet and had to clean it up! Mr. Ocasio has very clearly banned gum so it does not get into instruments. Finally, Mr. Bernstein banned gum so it wouldn’t get stuck in machinery. All these reasons are understandable, but will this list begin to expand to other classrooms? That is a growing concern among the students of FMS.  It’s likely that teachers will not  ban gum if students don’t chew gum obnoxiously, properly dispose of gum, and do not sell gum because selling things at school is not allowed. 

However, if a teacher does ban gum, listen to them and respect their class rules. Although they may not ease their rules, a piece of gum is not worth a lunch detention so do not attempt to risk sneaking gum. 


Why FMS Shouldn’t Ban Gum

There are always two sides to every argument, and many students oppose banning gum. Most students say gum is soothing and calms them down. In other words, some people treat gum as a stress reliever to help them focus. Furthermore, some people just like the taste of gum. It’s an excellent way to keep a good taste in their mouth. Since gum is a sticky substance, once chewed up, please take care to dispose of it properly. Do not spit out the gum and then walk away. Be sure to see where it landed, and if you missed, properly dispose of it. 



Chewing gum is up to you unless a teacher doesn’t allow gum in their classroom. Again, if a teacher does ban gum in their classroom do not chew gum in their classroom. Many kids have gotten in trouble because they tried to hide it from the teacher. Also, gum is a very sticky substance so always try to dispose of it properly. So, what do you think? Should FMS ban gum? If not, can you use it responsibly?


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