Strawberry Fields: John Lennon’s Memorial


Ollie Drivas, Editor, Layout Editor, Staff Writer

Are you familiar with the name John Lennon? Does it ring a bell? How about “The Beatles”? John Winston Ono Lennon, the former founder of the Beatles, broke apart from the band privately in 1970. He then continued a solo career in New York City, creating memorable hits such as “Imagine”, “Happy Xmas (War is Over)” and “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)”.  Whether you are a fan of music or not, you have heard John Lennon’s inspiration in some way. He was a man who definitely left a positive impact on the world, and he will never be forgotten. But nonetheless, on December 8, 1980, he was tragically murdered. Like Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and John F. Kennedy, John Lennon was taken from us by the wrongdoing of another man. Over 225,000 people gathered near the Dakota Apartments, where he was killed, a day following his passing, to pay their respects. New York’s news radio stations all came to a halt for ten minutes. For the entire planet, it was a terrible day.


That specific place where people gathered to mourn, however, was later to be made into what is now known as Central Park’s Strawberry Fields. On October 9th, 1985, which was meant to be Lennon’s 45th birthday, Strawberry Fields was officially dedicated to the peace activist many had come to love.


Finally, Some Peace And Quiet!

Now, you find yourself in Strawberry Field, a quiet zone. What now? Start walking down the path until you reach the Imagine Mosaic. Here, you will usually find musicians serenading the rest of the visitors; often playing music from the Beatles or from Lennon’s solo work. The musicians are always friendly and do take Beatlesque requests if you ask kindly. 


          Particularly busy days at Strawberry Fields are December 8th and October 9th because they commemorate another year of John Lennon’s life and passing. The Imagine Mosaic will be the focal point of a crowd that will be bringing everything they own, including guitars, drums, smiles, voices, and even tears. People from all over the world come and honour John Lennon, putting items and offerings at the Imagine Mosaic. Whether it comes from a musician or not, a combination of instruments will be used to create a harmony of music in memory of the late artist. You could also notice the mosaic being respectfully adorned with flowers in the form of a peace symbol along with this event.

Why Should You Visit Strawberry Fields?


First of all, it offers the only peace and relaxation that New York City has to offer. Consider visiting Strawberry Fields if you need to escape the world while still being in a populated area. Many people go there to picnic, perform music, and listen to music. There is a picturesque area surrounded by flower beds where many people gather to enjoy the atmosphere and the chirping of the birds if you continue straight after passing the Imagine Mosaic. 


           If you pay attention, you will also come across the stone engraved with the list of countries that contributed to Strawberry Fields. 

It’s truly a magical place where people of all kinds come together to keep the memory of John Lennon alive. In a way, this small place is a step towards love between people. Many say to achieve peace, you must make large changes, but that is simply not true. Every little action counts as a contribution to unity, and Strawberry Fields is a great example.


Therefore, next time you stop by New York City, come down to this garden and enjoy the quiet nature of the area. You may find yourself acquiring a new interest or a new love for this place!