3 Fun Beach Ideas

3 Fun Beach Ideas

Leila Chatterjee, Geneve Crescenzi, and Scarlet Van Ry, Writers

     Have you ever been to the beach? While you were there, did you get bored at some point? As we all know, summer is almost here, and the beach is a common attraction during this time of year. In this article, we will show you three fun beach ideas!

Making Seashell Jewelry 

     As commonly known, a fun activity to do at the beach is to collect seashells. What usually ends up happening is these shells just get forgotten about and have no purpose. A fun alternative is turning these beautiful seashells into jewelry! An easy way to do this is by putting a small hole in the top part of the shell, threading some kind of cord through it, and tying it at the end. You could also do the same to make a bracelet! 

Sand Activities

     Many people like to play in the ocean when they are at the beach but some people don’t. Another activity is to do is to play a sport on the sand, which is much harder than playing a sport on a field. Playing a sport on the beach is fun because it’s fun to play a sport with your friends or family. It is also a great way to be active, and dry off from being in the water. Another fun way to occupy yourself when you’re on the beach is to take photos. The beach is a very pretty place and taking photos is a great way to capture the moment.So, go have fun on the beach and try to do one of these activities!

Water Activities

     There are so many fun water activities other than swimming to do at the beach! One popular activity you can do in the water is go snorkeling, which is swimming underwater using a special mask that allows you to breathe underwater. The mask is attached to a tube that stays above the water to carry air into the mouthpiece to breathe. Usually, people snorkel to see the coral reefs, but you can also find amazing creatures. Some commonly seen animals are clownfish, angelfish, starfish, and sometimes even turtles! While snorkeling, it is important to not touch the animals you see because they could be poisonous or you could harm them. It is also very important to leave everything you see where it is. Instead of pickinng up an empty conch shell, you should probably leave it there because it might be home to other animals. Surfing is another popular water activity. You might be thinking surfing is harder than it looks, but it’s different for everyone! If you want to try surfing,but don’t have a surfboard, you can usually rent one for a day. Other water equipment you can rent are snorkeling gear, boogie boards, paddle boards, and much more. Surfing is a lot of fun and it’s a pretty easy sport to learn. When surfing you want to make sure you are in a safe area. You should always look at the water conditions for that time and the beach area. Surfing can be challenging when you first try to balance on your board for the first few waves you ride, but it will get easier as you go. Next time you go to the beach, try a water activity!

     There are so many activities to try at the beach. Which ones will you do this summer when you go down the shore?