Interior Design Ideas That Will Spice Up Your Room

Interior Design Ideas That Will Spice Up Your Room

Maxine de Vries, Editor, Staff Writer

Doesn’t it feel so good when you enter your room and you light up because it looks so nice and feels so cozy? Sometimes, this doesn’t happen and your room might feel a little bland. So how can you spice up your room so you can feel happy every time you go to your room? I’ve got many ideas that are popular in 2022 and will always look nice in upcoming years.


In 2022 many rooms that were considered well-decorated used earthy, neutral colors. Even though this was a popular option, other people were going for bolder, brighter rooms with statement pieces like a bright orange, curvy couch. Different color palates can still be welcoming.


Earthy Rooms

Let’s talk about nature-inspired rooms. These rooms used calming green, grey, and brown colors. They may use marble or wooden pieces like drawers or side tables. To store everyday items you can use woven baskets or a set of wooden drawers. Many rooms that are decorated like this have lots of plants, it can be a hanging plant or just a little plant sitting on your desk. This style can vary from many different ideas but the main theme is nature.


 Bolder & Brighter Rooms

An interior style that is very popular right now is bolder and brighter rooms, very different from the more earthy style. These rooms can range from many different looks and colors. You can have a bright pink room or just a room with many different colors. The whole point of these types of rooms is to stand out and be more outgoing with colors and unique pieces of furniture, like bed frames or bookshelves.

To style your room in this way you can use all different shapes and patterns from wall art to a nightstand. A common shape used is a splash shape and more relaxed, curved shapes. A lot of times you will have your bed and it will be orange, but then you might have a small couch that is bright blue. All the colors will be mixed up in a way that you usually won’t picture them being. Another big piece of furniture that can be very exaggerated is a chandelier. Whether it is a massive chandelier with candles or just a small one with a woven pattern, chandeliers are always in the middle and bring the whole room together, especially this type of room. They are supposed to be out there and be the last piece of the puzzle for your room.


How to Pick Your Room’s Style

You might be reading this article and thinking to yourself that you don’t want an earthy style room or a bright and bold room. Then this is the paragraph that you need to be reading. You might prefer a style that I haven’t mentioned, which is very likely because I have only mentioned two styles. Or, you might not know how you can change up your room’s style. Here are the key things you need to think about. The first thing to think about is if you want a more relaxed/plain style or a jaw-dropping style, where you enter the room and it bursts with color. The second thing to think about is what you love the most. Do you particularly love a certain color or maybe a style from a specific country or a movie? You can try to think about all the things you love and include little bits and pieces of those things in your room. The third and final item to think about is what makes you feel the most at home. If you go through all this work and don’t even feel comfortable in your room, that would be a waste of time. That is the most important priority when giving your room a makeover is to feel comfortable and happy in your room.

After all this, you have to think about how it doesn’t matter if the style is on trend or other people will like it, it’s about you loving your own room. You have to love the place that you sleep in every night, and nobody else has to like it except you. Make sure that you are in the most comfortable place you could be and that you are enjoying yourself and your new room.


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