What’s Popular?


Leah Mitchell and Emma Tariq

So, what’s popular these days among the students of FMS? Today we interviewed students about their favorite movies, books, video games, and more!

When asked, “What’s your favorite movie?” there wasn’t a majority answer. Each answer was different. Some answers included Harry Potter, Star Wars, MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Home Alone, The Cruise, and much much more.

The most popular answer to the question, “What’s your favorite book?” was the book series, Percy Jackson(5 people), followed close behind by Harry Potter (3 people).

With no surprise, most people said their favorite video game was Minecraft (10).

“What’s your favorite food?” is the next question, and most people said sushi (5). The second most popular was pizza (2).

The most popular subject is English Language Arts(10). Second place is also in a tie with Art (4), Math (4), and Social Studies (4).

We asked people what they liked to do in their free time, and most people said either read (3), or listen to music (3). The second most popular answer is playing video games (2).

Most people’s favorite sport was soccer (4), and the second was tennis (3).

The most popular actor was very close, as almost everyone we asked said something different. The most popular, though, is Mille Bobby Brown (2). Some other answers included Lin Manuel Miranda, The Dude Who Played Shrek (aka Mike Meyers), and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Most people’s favorite color was green (3), or blue (3).

“What’s your favorite drink?” was also a tricky one. Most either said Shirley Temple (2), or water (2). Some other answers included tea, diet coke, sprite, and orange juice.

Most we interviewed did not have a favorite song, and those who did did not have any in common. Some of the answers though given were Never Gonna Give You Up, and Shreks-a-Phone.

And finally, the most popular singer in FMS is Taylor Swift (3).