Do-It-Yourself: Punny Halloween Costumes

Do-It-Yourself: Punny Halloween Costumes

Roman Santaniello, Writer

Everyone has that one Halloween costume that they are embarrassed about, whether it’s that one time when you were seven when you decided to dress up as bunny for some reason, or maybe even that time last year when you decided to do the lazier choice, and just be a box. However, in the past few years of Halloween, a whole new form of costumes has become popular, one that has proved quite useful in the candy getting business due to its witty meanings. Punny costumes are not only effective, but are easy to make and cost almost nothing. So if you are the reader who is most likely panicking because you waited until the last minute to sit down and think up a costume, here are some punny costume ideas that might just manage to get you an extra piece of candy this Halloween. And trust me, these are some pretty GHOUL costumes.

Costumes for One Person

    Everyone knows the story of the Gingerbread Man: a baker makes cookies in the form of a man, and that cookie somehow becomes sentient and manages to run away from the baker and a whole mob of people, in hopes to escape the horrible fate of being chomped to bits. In hindsight that story is scary enough to be a Halloween costume by itself. But, here is a whole new take on the delicious cookie man. Instead of dressing up as some cookie, you will be dressing up as a person with gingerbread-colored hair,  with bread attached all over you, thus creating the gingerbread man costume. This costs only about 10, and all you need is a gingerbread-colored wig and a loaf of bread. To make this costume, all you need to do is put on the wig and attach some bread on your body. Either way just somehow manage to get some bread on your body. Once you’ve done that, your punny costume is complete.

Ending the one-person costume section, we have the pig in a blanket costume. If you’ve ever gone to buy regular sized hotdogs at the supermarket, the chances are that you’ve seen its much smaller little brother, known as a pig in a blanket. Pigs in a blanket are pretty much just mini hotdogs in a bun that fully surrounds the hotdog, so pretty much just a corndog that’s not fully covered. However, instead of making a costume based off the food itself, were going to be going with a more literal meaning.The only thing that you really need for this costume is a strap on pig nose/mask, which you can find at pretty much any Spirit Halloween costume store. And then of course you’ll need a blanket. Though if you only have that one blanket made by your grandmother that you don’t want to get dirty, a towel will always work as well. So as soon as you have that pig nose/mask strapped onto your face, and a blanket wrapped around your body, then your costume is finished.

Costumes for Two

The next punny costumes on the list are mainly based for two people, so call up your best bro, significant other, or maybe even your mom, and tell them that you have a costume idea. Warning: you may have to buy some of these costumes due to the fact that they are not easy to make.

Do you remember that story about that Disney princess who fell in love with a giant lion man who had kidnapped her father that for some reason named after some big percussion instrument that hangs in a tower? And do you remember that popular restaurant chain that makes surprisingly good tacos? Well if you do, this costume is for you. Of course referring to the character Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and the fast food chain Taco Bell, this is one of the better costumes on the list. So the first costume item you need get or make for this to work is a taco costume, which is made up of a piece of cardboard cut out to the shape of a half oval, and many colorful pieces of paper. Sort the colorful pieces of paper onto the cardboard to make it look like a taco. Next, you would need to purchase a Belle costume or just a yellow dress. Once you have these two costumes ready, meet up with the person who made the other costume, and you are now the amazing Halloween duo known as “Taco Belle”.

Thought of to be one of the greatest movies Disney has ever produced, “Lion King” is one of the only movies pretty much everyone could say that they like. The only problem with it is that you can’t wear a costume for it without people thinking that you’re just a regular lion, and that’s where this next idea comes into play. Luckily, both of the costumes that you’ll need for this are both pretty easy to make at home. First there’s the lion costume, which is composed of brown clothes for the body and a mane, which could be created using face paint or a paper cut out. The other person in the duo would sport a king costume. With this being the most customizable costume on the list, this can be made in a variety of ways. Whether wearing Sunday School clothes with a paper cutout of a crown, or if one wants to spend six hours making the most beautiful crown out of the most expensive plastic emeralds, as long as you somehow indicate that your royalty, it should be sufficient. Of course with these two costumes combined, your partner and you are now the “Lion King.”

If you need a costume, I hope that these costumes have either given you some ideas! Now get off your computer and start making them. Happy Halloween!