National Poem in Your Pocket Day

National Poem in Your Pocket Day

On April 26, it is National Poem in Your Pocket Day. This is just one of the celebrations during April, which is National Poetry Month. It is a day where people simply carry a poem around in his or her pocket!

Poem in your Pocket Day was first initiated in New York in 2002, by the Office of the Mayor, who was partnered with the City’s Departments of Cultural Affairs and Education. It became a national holiday in 2008. This celebration was introduced six years after the establishment of the National Poetry Month, which became official in 1996 (Academy of American Poets).

There is really only one way to celebrate it, which as I listed before is to carry around a poem in your pocket for the entire day. Maybe show it to your friends or talk about it in Language Arts. The poem can be any length, and it can be about anything. So try it, and show some support for the form of literature which, according to the Washington Post, is going extinct!




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