2019-2020 Staff

Rachel Varughese

Mrs. Varughese is the faculty advisor for the Falcon Press. She is so proud of ALL of her writers, senior editors, and layout editors!

Henry Yip

Henry Yip is a sixth-grader in House 2. He also does the Jazz band and did ceramics at the beginning of the year.

Aiden Plummer

Aiden Plummer is a 6th Grader in House 3 and loves Steph Curry and basketball.

Mason Mitchell

Mason is a sixth-grader in House 1. He likes writing about science, technology, and other random things. He also likes food, sleeping and listening to the Ali-A intro nonstop for hours. He also likes writing articles with his...

Ryan Lofton

Ryan is in 6th grade and is a staff writer and layout editor. He likes nature and camping and skateboarding. He is very good friends with Mason and he loves to play video games and his favorite YouTuber is Mrfreshasian and Lazarbeam....

Starla Marcelo

Starla has been in Falcon Press since September. She is a student-editor. She is in 6th grade and in House 1. (Go Phoenix!) She LOVES writing and always has! Her hobbies are drawing, reading, watching WWE, and listening to music.

Zachary Lawrence

Zach is a 6th grader in house one who enjoys P.E. When he is out of school, Zach likes to play video games like Minecraft, Rocket League, and ultimate chicken horse. He also likes to read, play sports, and play saxophone.

Anna Isleib

Anna Isleib is a 6th grader in House 1, is an animal lover who watches Youtube or reads fiction books in her free time. She loves playing soccer, basketball, and other sports and enjoys writing for the Falcon Press.

Gabriel Hainzl

Gabe is a 6th grader in House 1 and enjoys writing about technology. He has been on the Falcon press for one year.

Henry Griffee

Henry is a 6th grader in House 1. This is his first year on staff. He also does boy scouts outside of school and he also likes being outside and watching sports.

Jack Delgado

Jack Delgado is a 6th grader in House 3 and specializes in lists and reviews.

Benjamin Bocina

Benny is a staff writer.

James Watson

James Watson is a staff writer and this is his first year on the Falcon Press staff. He is in 6th Grade House 1.  In his free time he likes to go outside.

Nikhil Chatterjee

Nikhil Chatterjee is a 6th grader in House 1. Nikhil thoroughly enjoys sports, and socializing with friends, whether it's in town, or making Tik-Toks! He enjoys the company and warmth from all his peers, and is grateful for everything...

Ainsley Avers

Ainsley has many hobbies. She enjoys writing, sculpting clay, acting, as well as spending time with family and friends. Her favorite holidays are Christmas and Halloween. She loves being able to be a part of Falcon Press this...

Roman Santaniello

Roman is a staff writer.

Lucas Achilarre

Lucas is a staff writer.

Elizabeth Powers

Writing Interests are writing funny stories, comics, and doing writing pieces for school. She has been on the staff for one year, is in 7th grade, and in House 1. Her hobbies are reading, writing, and playing with dog.

Miles Gorman

Miles Gorman is a proud nerd who enjoys reading and arguing about political matters. He is currently in 6th grade and is open to any and all ideas for articles, stories, or if you want a shoutout for a friend to be published in...

Naomi Williams

Naomi Williams is a 7th grader in House Two. She was on staff last year but also does TSA and Fall Art Honors Club. Outside of school she loves to read crime novels.

Zephan Deepu

Zephan Deepu is a 8th grade house 2 student. He loves to listen/play music, watch movies, play basketball, and hangout with his friends.