How to Make the Most of Your Summer

How to Make the Most of Your Summer

Maxine de Vries and Evelyn Lih

            School can be stressful –  homework, tests, and the NJSLA assessments.  This summer, you don’t have to worry about that. But how do you make the most of your summer? Recharging with friends or trying an exciting or fun hobby will help you have the best experience this summer. 

Trying a New Hobby

You may be bored during the summer and just resort back to lying in bed watching Netflix. Sparking up new interests inspires you to get up and do something. If you find a new hobby that you enjoy you will want to get going and accomplish something during that day. The actual process of finding a new hobby can be fun in itself, even if you don’t like the hobby. Learning new things about yourself and what you enjoy doing is also fun.


Hanging out with your friends and family

Hanging out with your friends and family is one way to make this summer the best yet. Going to a local pool, seeing a movie, having a sleepover, attending sleepaway camp, or just hanging out at your house are all ways to have a great summer with your friends and family. Plus, making new friends over the summer is a great idea! Spending quality time with your friends can help you feel refreshed and get you ready for the next school year.


Take a Break From Devices

Taking a break from devices, such as phones and TV, can help you have a more restful summer. Screens can keep you up at night and take away from your summer. Putting the device away or just turning it onto silent mode is one step that you can take towards having a great summer. If you don’t need to be on your phone, why be on it?

In a few weeks, school will be over and you’ll have the whole summer ahead of you! How will you make the most of your summer?