Unique Desserts Around The World

Unique Desserts Around The World

Mira Dickman, Staff Writer

     The United States has some great classic desserts, such as cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies, and pumpkin pie.  These are all great American desserts! But there are so many other desserts around the world. Some desserts you may have never even heard of! 


The Sultan’s Golden Cake, Turkey

     $1,000 is a lot of money. You could use that to buy a couch or a bike. But would you have ever guessed that the Sultan’s Golden Cake from Turkey costs $1,000? A single slice is $1,000! The reason for this outrageous price is that this cake has a special ingredient: real gold! This cake is dusted with edible 24 karat gold. In addition to that, it takes 72 hours to make!


Mákos Tészta, Hungary

     Most people have their pasta for lunch or dinner as a savory dish. They put cheese, butter, or tomato sauce for the ultimate goodness. People in Hungary do pasta a bit differently. Mákos Tészta is a dessert with a noodle base, but instead of adding sauce or cheese, Hungarians make a poppy seed and sugar mixture, and pour this over their pasta for a savory/sweet treat. Although this may seem like a weird combination to you, it has an even weirder use. Some parents in Hungary would feed this to their children to help them fall asleep. Not everyone loves this kind of treat, but for those who are curious on how it tastes, here’s a recipe!

     There are so many unique desserts that may be different than what we are used to, but are loved around the world. Want to read about more? Check out this article!

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