3 Blooming Flowers For The Summer

3 Blooming Flowers For The Summer

Scarlet M Caragan, Writer

     Is your porch, garden, or backyard in need of some color or some life? Well, flowers can be a perfect solution, especially during the summer to show off your porch with bold and extravagant flowers like the beautiful hibiscus or to the vibrant marigold. 


 The Lantana

     The Lantana is a beautiful flower that comes in many shades like yellow, pink, purple, red, and orange. The Lantana flower is actually made up of many small flowers that makes one bigger flower. And is a really easy flower to grow in the summer, due to it being able to keep its beauty during droughts. According to Task Easy, “They’ll bloom all  season long and are extremely drought  tolerant, making them the ideal summer  flower to really make your garden pop.” So if you’re looking for a cute and easy flower? The Lantana is the way to go!



     The Marigold is a flower used to celebrate the Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday, to make paths out of its petals to guide families’ ancestors to their ofrendas! Other than holidays, marigolds are a very cheerful colored flower that “comes in warm oranges and yellows” According to Task Easy, if you’re looking for a very exciting positive flower, marigolds are a perfect choice and yet again are an extremely easy flower to grow as long as it has sunlight!     



The hibiscus is a very calming flower to look at with your eyes and brings that tropical theme into your yard. The best part is that “hibiscus surprisingly grow really large and they do take up a lot of space”, and can be grown in non-tropical climates as well, according to Task Easy. This gives a good reason to grow this easy flower anywhere in your house – just be aware of the spacing! 

     In the end, all of these flowers are really beautiful and unique in their own ways. They are also are really easy to grow during the summer. So tell me, which flower is your favorite and which one will you grow this summer? Is it the tropical hibiscus, the cheerful marigold, or the cute and petite lantana? Such hard decisions, but whichever one you pick will be gorgeous!