Coniglio’s Old Fashioned: Up and Coming Pizza Restaurant

Coniglios Old Fashioned: Up and Coming Pizza Restaurant

Conner Leavy, Staff Writer

     In Morristown, there is a new up-and-coming pizza joint called Coniglio’s Old Fashioned. This pizza restaurant is growing in popularity as it is rivaling pizza spots that have stood here for years such as Suvios and Millie’s. There are three reasons that Coniglio’s  is loved throughout Morristown: its large pizza pies, the variety of dishes, and the old-fashioned method of making a good pizza!

     The first reason that Coniglio’s has grown in popularity is because of its variety of Italian dishes. The menu stretches from the basic cheese pizza to vodka stracciatella. “What even is that?” you might ask. Well, vodka stracciatella is a popular Italian dish consisting of vodka sauce, mozzarella, stracciatella (which is a soft mozzarella cheese), and basil. It is loved by the community and is recommended to try.

     Another reason why Coniglio’s is growing in popularity is because of its unique pie size. Coniglio’s  sells a larger pizza than any other pizza restaurant. For example, if you were to look at the average Coniglio’s large pie and compare it to the Domino’s large pie, you would be getting higher quality and higher quantity from Coniglio’s . The owner of Coniglio’s , Nino Coniglio, says they sell an 18 inch pie while other restaurants sell a 16 inch pie. With an 18 inch pizza pie, you are getting more cheesy goodness – about up to 30% more!


     The last reason is Coniglio’s historical method of making pizza. Coniglio’s makes pizza the way it would’ve been done in the 1960’s. They make it in a very old fashioned way and that’s what makes the unique them from other pizza restaurants. Coniglio’s has a very thin dough with less preservatives, which is much healthier than any other pie on the market!


     In conclusion, Coniglio’s is a big hit in the pizza industry due to its variety of different dishes,its huge and delicious pizzas, as well as its healthy and old fashioned way (hence the name Coniglio’s Old Fashioned). Coniglio’s is great and if you haven’t taken a bite of the king of pies then what are you waiting for?