Student Spotlight: Liv Montague “Silence” (Poem)

Olivia "Liv" Montague, Poet, Student Spotlight


I will cover your noise

I will block out your nonsense

You matter not a thimble,

Not the smallest of things

And I will sound my emotion

Throughout the universe

No longer in my brain

Where it has simmered and waited 

For my whole existence

And it will be a melody

Of anger and truth

It will be real, it will be pure,

Pure, unwavered, unwithered emotion

Not unraveled nor quiet

Not unnoticed or lying

I will yell

I will glare

I will shut you up.

Because the hate you are spitting

Has rotted the Earth

And I really hope we don’t die so soon

So if your soul was out of this place

I wouldn’t mind

Live a good life,