Macho Nacho

Macho Nacho

Savannah Paul, Editor, Staff Writer

Have you ever been to the Mexican food place Macho Nacho? Macho Nacho is a popular Mexican food restaurant and is located in Morristown. However, people have differing opinions about it. Is Macho Nacho delicious or is it not worth the money? Keep on reading to find out. 

Food and Specials

Macho Nacho is known for its quesadillas and nachos. They also have tacos and burritos. For breakfast, Macho Nacho serves breakfast burritos and quesadillas.  It also has enchiladas, taco salads, tostadas, fajitas, and more. The specials are on Monday to get all nachos 25% off! On Tuesday, buy three tacos and get one free, but they must be the same taco. Lastly, on Wednesday, buy one burrito to get the second half off. These are some great deals if you ask me!


Macho Nacho is a great Mexican food restaurant. The reviews are mostly 4 stars, but overall there are some good reviews like “Good food” and “Awesome service”. One person states, “Awesome selections, great sandwiches!!! Even better prices! Fast service and I like that you can see your food being made properly! Always a plus.” Another good review said, “Inexpensive yet quite good, authentic food. Chips and Guac are great. Their burritos are huge and you get value for your money. The tamales are good if they don’t sell out.” 


When I interviewed one of the workers from Macho Nacho named Luis Aguirre, I learned a lot about Macho Nacho. Macho Nacho opened as a family business because the owner felt that there should be more Mexican food restaurants in Morristown for people to enjoy, and has been open for about 16 years (since 2006). The chicken burrito and chicken quesadilla are the most popular options during lunchtime. To make the chicken quesadillas,  grilled chicken, fried onions, and peppers are cooked separately, then are assembled as a quesadilla. 

Overall, even though there are a few disagreements, Macho Nacho is a great place to get some good Mexican food and enjoy it. Furthermore, the food is delicious and the service is perfect even though sometimes there is a little wait. It is worth your money and everyone should try their delicious food. 

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