Fight for Change

Fight for Change

Henry Griffee, Staff Writer

I am feeling pretty sad. At first, I did not really know what happened and why people were protesting, but then I looked it up on social media and got filled in. I started seeing a lot of the people that I watch on YouTube talk about it, and it made me want to support the protests. I think these events will change things for a while but it’s probably just going to go back to how it was before. Unfair.  It’s a stupid prejudice that should have never been had by anyone. These events affect me as a person by making me sad and upset.  The image of a police officer holding up the sign that says one race the human race makes me feel supported, but I am still very angry about this. It just makes no sense why someone should be killed by the color of their skin. Do you know how little the color of someone’s skin should matter? It’s judging a person without even speaking to them. How can anyone even think about doing that? 

I have seen the ever-growing protests around the country on social media and it’s inspiring to watch. I mean, even during a global pandemic, people are protesting and making their voices heard.  I very much support that. People are risking their safety for these protests, but that just shows how important this issue is, and how much people are fighting for equality. It’s personally really eye-opening. This is bigger than coronavirus right now to a lot of people. Why have so many innocent African Americans gotten killed? It’s just not fair. Whatever happened to “all men are created equal”? Also, “ liberty and justice for all”?  Isn’t that what America stands for? We are breaking our own constitution, and that’s not good.  

I know that I am not the only person that feels this way towards this stupid prejudice and equality that Black Americans face every day.  If you want to, you can donate to Black Lives Matter foundations across the world, but there are other ways to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Most importantly don’t be afraid to express your thoughts, feelings, and opinions about this problem. It’s important for your voice to be heard. We cannot let Black Americans face inequality in our country anymore. They are people. Humans just like you. And they deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

Stay safe, stay strong, and stay connected together. Together we will fight for permanent change against racism.