How To Keep Sane During Quarantine

How To Keep Sane During Quarantine

Roman Santaniello, Writer

How long has it been since we’ve been home? The last two months have all just been this big blur. One of the only things I do remember from when this all started is that I thought it would be nice to have a two-week break from school, and I was right, it was great. But then the third week came and then the fourth week came and then the fifth week came and then OH MY GOSH GET ME OUT OF HERE. As you can tell, I have remained perfectly sane throughout this whole quarantine. Anyway, enjoy this rhetorical question that will undoubtedly lead to the beginning of the article. Have you run out of things to do during quarantine? Hi, I’m Roman, And here are three things to do in quarantine that will help keep you sane.


Embrace Hobbies You Already Have

Finding new hobbies can be hard, especially now since we’re all stuck inside and can’t really go anywhere. That’s why embracing a hobby that you already have is perfect for a time like this. Take doodling for example. If you like to doodle in class, now is the perfect time to sit down with a sketchbook and scour the internet for different styles and techniques you could use. It doesn’t just apply to sketch though. The internet is full of people who give tutorials on how to better improve any skill. For instance, there’s Masterclass, a website that gives videos of experts who are directly related to a subject that give you advice on how to further hone your hobby. However, if you don’t have $180 for an all-access pass, then just go to YouTube. While it may just seem like YouTube is for videos of hilariously bad life hacks, there are actually tons of clips of tutorials and how-to videos. It’s all just a click away!


Create a Routine

I am a very big procrastinator, and due to that, I find that creating routine works very well. By creating a routine, you are automatically giving yourself something to do for that day. This way you have no excuse to lie around on your phone. Not only that, but creating a routine can help you muster up ideas throughout the week so you’ll never be bored. It can also help lower the stress of coming up with things to do and lower the anxiety of wasting precious time. I actually tried making a routine for a week and it was great! I was able to do a lot more than I usually would be able to in a day, and all the activities were things that I enjoyed. If you constantly want to do something with your day but just keep coming up empty, I definitely recommend creating a routine.


Learn Something New

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to do something, but have never really had the time, now is the perfect time to learn! You can’t go anywhere and can’t do anything outside your house, so really you have all the time in the world to learn. Just like improving a hobby you already have, going on Youtube and finding tutorials on how to do an activity is a great way to learn. I’m talking about fun ventures like drawing, building things, card throwing, and so much more. When quarantine ends you’ll be able to come out of it feeling happy and more accomplished. You’ll have learned something that you’ll be able to apply to the outside world!

Quarantine can be really hard and boring, but I hope this article might have given you some ideas to change it up. Now – go out and make a routine and embrace or start a new hobby!