The Future of Prosthetics: The Hero Arm

The Future of Prosthetics: The Hero Arm

Henry Yip, Writer

Unfortunately, amputation has been around since the dawn of time.  As a result, people need replacement limbs, but some just don’t suffice.  But now, with the power of modern technology, we have created a cutting edge, fashionable, and awesome prosthetic arm.  Our bionic prosthetic in question is the hero arm, which is probably the best hand on the market. This mechanical arm is cost efficient, works well, and also looks really cool.  

There are a few differences between the Hero Arm and other artificial arms. One unique feature of the Hero Arm is that it does not make any attempt to look realistic. This helps to make people who need the arm feel more unique and even like they are superheroes.  This is a nice approach to prosthetics, as having a very realistic fake limb can make a person with a traditional prosthetic feel like they’re a fraud, or lesser than others.Meanwhile having a robot arm, especially one like the Hero Arm, is really something to be proud of.

Another feature of the Hero Arm is that it can be customized for its user. Tilly Lockey is an amputee who had to have both her hands amputated due to meningitis. She not only has two Hero Arms. but multiple pairs. Currently, she is working with Open Bionics to test the arms. There is a little microbiography of how she got her new prosthetics, and her story is notable because she can not only dance and choose her outfit each day, but she can also change out her arms!

In the end, missing a limb for one reason or another isn’t exactly enjoyable. However, this bionic prosthetic is changing the way people look at disabilities. It is unlikely that owners of the Hero Arm will probably not be disappointed with how advanced their new arm is. These are probably the best prosthetic arms on the market, and it’s incredible how far prosthetics have come. Long gone are the days of peg legs and hooks for hands! Having a new bionic hand might make people feel better about themselves, and which is always a good idea.


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