The Power of Music


Rafael Oliveira, Senior Editor, Layout Editor, Staff Writer

     When I think about music, I think about the Teen Titans Go! special: The Night Begins to Shine. In the special, Cyborg listens to a song with the corresponding name, and through its power, the Teen Titans are transported to an alternate dimension where music is power. Without it, the land would fall to ruin. And while I do think it’s a bit of an exaggeration to say that music can create and sustain entire dimensions, it greatly exemplifies the power of music. It’s one of the most powerful tools in our world, and it can have effects like changing emotions, creating careers, and shaping the world. 

Music can change the way you feel

     Have you ever been to a concert, whether it for your school or for an artist that you like? If you haven’t, I highly recommend that you do. Depending on the quality of the music, it can change your life. It will give you a deeper understanding of music, understand the process that it takes to perform music and make you feel at ease. Picture this scenario: You’ve had a long day at work or school, and your friend invites you to relax at a jazz concert. You accompany him, letting yourself be one with the calming, relaxing, and soothing music the musicians play. Or you have a homework assignment or project you need to get done, so you put on some Lo-fi music to keep you focused and prevent yourself from stressing out. Or maybe you had a rough day, and you put on a sad song not to deepen your sorrow, but to understand the lyrics and sympathize with the artist even though you’re not there. Music can lift spirits, sympathize with sorrow, calm your spirits, dispel rage and anger, connect individuals with similar tastes, and hype up a crowd. Music’s power to change emotions in such a quick time cannot be understated. It has been doing so for centuries, especially now with the proliferation of music applications on electronic devices. I love this aspect of music since I’ve been using it to change the way I feel for the better in multiple ways. So I feel good tuning into relaxing music every night when I have homework. 

Music can create career opportunities

    It comes as no surprise that music can create multiple careers. Like creating music, but that can have multiple applications. You can produce music for yourself, for others, for businesses like video games and TV/Movie studios, for artists as a music producer, for your video games and such, and so much more. You could also teach music, whether it be vocal or instrumental. You could be a music producer creating music while also understanding what’s trending right now. Learn how to use music software, and create a comfortable environment for the artists you[‘re working for. You could also choose to be an artist manager, who can propel an artist to new heights by introducing them to different record labels, producers, and other artists. Being a tour manager is also an option, managing tours for bands and artists, which includes deciding where to go! Now, if you want to become an artist yourself, whatever genre it may be, you’re going to need an artist manager, a music producer, and possibly a tour manager if you plan on doing one. But the fact that music can not only create career opportunities but lucrative ones at that is simply astounding since it has so many applications. 

Music shapes the world

     As I mentioned before, music is easier to listen to now with the proliferation of streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify. But what takes this to the next level is people’s enthusiasm towards music and how it influences their behavior. I mean, if an artist can amass a large following, they can easily sell out tickets for a concert or tour. But music goes beyond concerts. If you’re creating a movie, TV show, video game, or anything with any sort of animation, a good soundtrack can make or break it. Sometimes they obtain the rights to use other songs in their animation, or they can also compose original music just for it. Take Super Mario Galaxy on the Nintendo Wii for example. One of the reasons why it was one of the most critically acclaimed games for the Wii was because of its beautiful, fully orchestrated soundtrack. And it’s successor, Super Mario Galaxy 2, followed the same trail as its original. There are also entire radio stations dedicated to playing a certain type of music. Whether it be R&B, Spanish Music, Hip-Hop, the list goes on. Music is all around us. In your everyday life, you’re bound to hear music, whether it be in a YouTube Video, playing in your school/workplace, or on the street; music is everywhere. 

      So overall, music is perhaps the most powerful thing the world has ever seen, and I’ll forever keep the memory of The Night Begins to Shine whenever I’m listening to music, anticipating the day when I get transported to another dimension. How do you use music in your everyday life?