Snapchat: Is it Building or Breaking Friendships?

Snapchat: Is it Building or Breaking Friendships?

Savannah Paul, Editor, Staff Writer

     Snapchat is known as a place where people can be creative and talk to their friends but sometimes it can be an unsafe place for people. Usually people are just worried about their Snap Score, but sometimes people can get too caught up. Are you on Snapchat too much?


How Snapchat Hurts People

     Snapchat threatens the ability of its users to communicate effectively when we see people in person. Its users forget how to express themselves verbally. It breaks relationships with people as well as they seem to be awkward in person. Snapchat also hides people’s true identities behind filters. Most teens get random friend requests from people they don’t know. But instead of ignoring it, they accept it. This causes lots of problems like people asking for your personal information. So, you should never friend people you don’t know. 


How Snapchat Helps People

     Snapchat can help people express their creativity. Users feel silly and happy when they use Snapchat. Snapchat can also help maintain friendships more easily as many believe that it is better and less time consuming. Many also believe that it helps people feel more safe and comfortable as well. Even though some disagree, it seems like many also think it’s a good place for friends and fun. 


     Even though there is an ongoing debate about whether Snapchat is good or bad, it is probably a little bit of both. Even if it’s a fun, creative outlet to make friends, it can also be a dangerous place. Therefore next time you go on Snapchat, use it wisely and safely!