One Year Since the Ukraine Conflict: What Happened?

One Year Since the Ukraine Conflict: What Happened?

Luke Cardinali, Staff Writer

     Are you familiar with Ukraine? That small country the size of Texas that was known for its wheat production? Or maybe you know it for another reason: a dark and scary reason that makes bones shiver. That reason is President Vladimir Putin and Russia, the country he dictates.

     Everyone in the world knows about Ukraine now, but not for a good reason. The original conflict was after the 2022 Winter Olympics when Russia stormed Ukraine.  People were killed by the thousands and the whole world started supporting Ukraine for various acts.  Even in our local neighborhoods, some people see benches and flags sprinkled in blue and yellow, the colors of Ukraine. But this is in support of the past. What is the current situation or the future of Ukraine? Will this conflict remain the same? What will happen?

     The current situation is not too different. Russia continues to try to take control of Ukraine. However, the main question I have is, why did we stop talking about it?  The real reason is humans like new things.  If you hear about a topic over and over again, the same old story it’s eventually going to get boring!  We didn’t want to hear about Ukraine again because nothing changes in the war, and no one ever wins. This is called “war fatigue”.  Many people share this same mentality.  But, the Ukraine conflict is still going on and people are still getting hurt and are affected negatively! Even just continuing to learn about the new changes in the Ukraine conflict and talking about it with your friends helps to spread awareness. There are also charities you can donate to so you can make a difference.  The United States has been making a huge difference with its ongoing contributions. In addition, charities like United24 have raised $166,000,000 as of August 2022. However, donations have been declining over time. 

     To conclude, the war in Ukraine is an exciting subject with lots of information, and I encourage you to continue to stay informed about the conflict. Anything you do to help Ukraine can help. Look up the latest in the conflict today and think about how you’ll make a difference!


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