The Spartan Race and Why You Should Join

The Spartan Race and Why You Should Join

Scarlet Caragan, Staff Writer


Do you think you are unbreakable? Do you want to run the mile? Well, Spartan Race is perfect for you. It is the second to none obstacle course race by Joe De Cena. For these obstacles you need to have a complete fitness abilities, including cardiovascular fitness, strength, and mobility.

What is the hardest one?

There are many types of the Spartan Race. Many say the typical Spartan Race is hard to an extent, but it doesn’t compare to the Spartan Death Race. The first Spartan Death Race was the most soul-crushing race in Spartan Race history. It was located in Pittsfield, Vermont and the race was 70 hours long! The Spartan website says, “One of the many things that makes the Spartan Death Race so incredibly soul-crushing is that whatever stressful situation you are dealing with in one moment — 26 miles of crawling under barbed wire, 12 hours of burpees, counting out 500 pennies while shivering and sleep-deprived … you get the picture — you never know what stressful situation is coming next.” So what do you think of Spartan Race now?


Why should I do a Spartan Race?

One reason you should do a Spartan Race is because it can show you your weaknesses and strengths. It can show how long you can last in certain situations and it can help you become stronger, more balanced and coordinated, and help with your endurance! 


Where can I find a Spartan Race? 

The Spartan Races are found all around the United States, as well as  Canada, South Korea, Australia, the Philippines, and other countries in Europe. The Spartan Races in different countries are unique, so once you do your race you will never find another race like it.

Overall, the Spartan Race is a good way to have fun with your friends and family, or even by yourself! It can teach you about yourself, like what you’re made of, how easy you give in, or even how strong you are. And who said you can do only one race! So tell me, are you unbreakable?


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