Dungeons and Dragons: Why It’s A Critical Success and Why You Should Play

Dungeons and Dragons: Why It’s A Critical Success and Why You Should Play

Daniel Tuck, Staff Writer

Dungeons and Dragons: A fantastical role-playing game where the players embark on a magical journey in which the players play as their own imaginary but somehow real fantasy characters. There are so many people who don’t play the game, considering it “dorky” because of its fantasy-themed setting, but in reality it is something that has potential to be something many people would love.


Promotes Creative Thinking

First of all, Dungeons and Dragons is a complicated game that involves strategic decision making and cognitive thinking. This is because of the fact that it is a slightly complicated game that involves many different possibilities. Each player engages as a character, so a single choice of action determines the outcome of a battle. The game is incredibly flexible as well, with many rules for the use of a single skill. You have to think many steps ahead of the opponent to foresee what may go wrong, what to do during the next turn, considering advantages and disadvantages, weaknesses, etcetera –and all of this done in an imaginary world. The Game Master, the orchestrator of the Dungeons and Dragons game, also has to spend a significant amount of time coming up with an entire new world, the more creative the better. This shows how much strategy and creative thinking go into a single game of D&D– it will definitely make players more flexible and creative as they delve further into the game. 


A Good Way to Connect

Dungeons and Dragons is a large community that most people don’t notice, but there are a lot of people who enjoy it. There are always many campaigns being hosted that you’re free to join–whether or not at your local club or gaming store, or online on Zoom, Reddit, or Discord. It allows you to connect with a group of strangers. Chances are, they’ll be kind and welcoming, which creates great opportunities to make a couple of new friends! D&D is also a good way to get together and have fun with friends while participating in a mystical adventure. I’ve even earned myself a few friends through D&D! 


A Nice Escape from Reality

Everybody has had a moment where they come home from a hard, embarrassing, or tiring day at work or school and just want to escape, to be someone else. D&D is the perfect escape. Players engage as a completely different persona who embarks on an epic journey to fight evil and slay dragons. One’s character becomes a second version of themselves, as they immerse themselves in a different reality where they’re free to do whatever they want, however they want to. Players could be a box office sales worker but have a character who is oath-bound to the goddess Selune and fells foul enemies wielding a greatsword and silver armor, slaying dragons for a living. The possibilities are endless because the game master can create whatever world they want–cyberpunk? Yep! High fantasy? Totally. Sci-fi? Of course! The possibilities are endless. In D&D, players can do and be anything they want.


In conclusion, Dungeons and Dragons is a very player-friendly tabletop roleplay game that includes many creative and social elements that are tons of fun and a great experience to play. It has a friendly community and it’s an amazing way of connecting with friends, with infinite ways to have fun as well as the fact that it’s a nice escape from this reality, into a magical place. Definitely give it a try and get yourself into the fantastical world of Dungeons and Dragons!

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