Endangered Species In New Jersey


Katherine Matras, Editor, Staff Writer

There are a lot of endangered species in the world, and more than 700 of them live in New Jersey! One of the major reasons those species are endangered is the loss of habitat. Three of these endangered species from New Jersey are the Piping Plover, Bog Turtle, and the Eastern Tiger Salamander.

Piping Plover

One of the many endangered species in New Jersey is the Piping Plover. Piping plovers are small birds that live and breed by the shore. They eat a variety of small insects, and if they went extinct, those insect numbers would increase in New Jersey.


Bog Turtle

Bog Turtles are another endangered species in New Jersey. They are small turtles who live in wetland habitats and hibernate in the winter. Another interesting fact about them is that they are omnivores who can live up to around 40 years!


Eastern Tiger Salamander

A third endangered species that lives in New Jersey is the Eastern Tiger Salamander. Eastern Tiger Salamanders are the largest species of salamander that lives in New Jersey. They breed in ponds, and their larvae grow into a juvenile in 75-115 days.


The Piping Plover, Bog Turtle, Eastern Tiger Salamander, and many more species need help, and anyone can help them! Just by using less, reusing old things, and helping to preserve natural habitats, you can help protect these creatures and keep New Jersey the beautiful place it already is.


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