Queen Elizabeth ll

Queen Elizabeth ll

Alex Lawrence, Staff Writer

The Life Of The Queen

Queen Elizabeth ll was born in 1926 on Bruton Street, London. She was the 

first child of her father, King George Vl. She was educated privately at home 

and began to undertake public duties during the Second World War, serving

 in the Auxiliary Territorial Service. In November of 1947 she married Philip Mountbatten, former prince of Denmark and Greece, and their marriage 

lasted until Prince Philip’s death in 2021. In 1954, King George VI died and she took 

the throne and became Queen of England for the next 70 years and 214 days.

Here are some of the accomplishments of the Queen from the 70-year span of her reign. 

When World War II was on the horizon in 1939, Elizabeth ll, who was not yet queen, thought it was her duty to step in and fight for her country. She wanted to fight in the war in 1944, but the royal family resisted her desire for fear of losing the heir apparent in the family. However, in 1945, she decided that they couldn’t stop her from doing her duty to the country, and she enlisted in the army for the next six years.

Queen Elizabeth’s non-stop charity work was amazing. Did you know that in total, Queen Elizabeth ll donated $1.4 BILLION? For reference, the estimated net worth of the Queen is $426 million, meaning she donated in total more than THREE times her final net worth!

The Queen’s death has many of global and economical impacts on the citizens of the United Kingdom. Some economical problems the UK might have are inflation, which is when prices for everything rise. This has been predicted to happen since the beginning of the pandemic. Now that the Queen has passed, people are getting increasingly worried about inflation in the UK. Another worry includes soaring energy prices. 

In conclusion, Queen Elizabeth ll’s life has been marked by many accomplishments. However, her death has led the United Kingdom into an abundance of worries. 


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