Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Emma Tariq, Writer


Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a video game available on multiple platforms like Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation for about $59.99. The game is about Link who wakes up in a shrine. Unlike the other shrines in the game, the game gives a tutorial on your Stamina Wheel, weapons, food, clothes, and more. It doesn’t have the normal test created by a God or Goddess. The game shows you how to climb and sprint and other things that different games would show you. Then, there is a story. It is about Gannon, a great evil that has disrupted the lands, and Link got injured during their fight. He and Princess Zelda were trying to save the world by killing him, 10,000 years in the past. Link sleeps for a very long time to heal then reawakens and has a starter quest where he meets an old traveler. He tells Link that he needs to get off of the huge surrounding cliff the spawn is on, and the only way he can get down is by using a Glider. He says he will give Link the Glider for four Spirit Orbs. Spirit Orbs can be obtained by completing a shine that a God or Goddess created. After doing that, Link gets the Glider and leaves to then come across a quest called: Defeat Gannon.

The Map

If you are like me and explored, you would have come across Kakariko Village, located here on the map:







In the game, you will see a map, but it will not show the entire map like the picture above, at first. You have to travel to unlock other parts to see them. You can do this by finding towers in the area. If I am in the desert near the town of Gerudo, the tower will be called Gerudo Tower. (Just a side note, you will not have to go to Gerudo until you get to Kakariko Village and talk to the old woman). She will give you a quest called: Free the Divine Beasts. Let me tell you, it is HARD. I am not even finished with one yet! Where you start is optional, but I started at the bottom leftish side of the main map. I do recommend using Google or Youtube to get tips on how to do things. The left bottom side of the map is where the desert is with the Divine Beast Vah Naboris and The Yiga Clan.


This game has extremely realistic surroundings. You can walk through animated grass and attack nearby monsters. You can also get horses for easy travel! This game is extremely fun to play if you want something to do and work on. It will get boring or even frustrating if you can’t figure out how to do a quest or subquest. That is why I mention using Google or Youtube. It took me about 35 tries to unlock the Gerudo Tower, mainly because it is out in the desert surrounded by mild sandstorms and rocks. Then you have to go up this path surrounding it and fend off some nearby monsters. Then you need to have to get up as high as you can, glide off of the platform there, and climb the rest of the tower. The best way possible to do this is to GET SPIRIT ORBS! Spirit Orbs can be traded in for either a bigger stamina wheel or more hearts. You can get them from shrines, as I said in the introduction. As I forgot to mention, spirit orbs can be offered up to a god or goddess at the Goddess Statue in the main part of the map. The first part of the game will show you the specifics.

Weapons and Monsters

In this game, the Monsters are your main source of weapons. You can buy things like arrow refills at different towns on the map like Kakariko Village, but monsters drop weapons and shields that Link can pick up after you kill them. There are tons of different types of monsters in the game. Some are small and look easy to kill like a Yiga Clan Member or Guardians, but they’re hard to kill. For Yigas you need to have Bomb Arrows. Those things teleport around you, so as soon as you see one, send that arrow flying, and depending on your aim, they will be dead in 1-2 shots. Guardians are scary. If you stay still, you will be dead soon. They power up and shoot a huge beam at you. They will do that if you’re running, but they can’t hit a moving target that well. The best way to kill them is to get a strong weapon and get your horse. You should run around it and let it fire at least two times at you. You can let it fire at you more, but that is just what I let it do so I can get used to when it will blast. Then, get off your horse and keep on hitting it until you break at least two of its legs. Doing repetitive hits, knock it onto its side, and then it is an easy kill. It can still fire at you unless you stay behind its bottom side and keep hitting it. It will soon die, but it is no longer a threat if you hang out in its blind spot.


There are also only 3 dragons in the game. If you can defeat them, they will show you a secret shrine. I have only ever seen Farosh, so I can’t tell you how to defeat them just yet. 🙂


If by this explanation you enjoy the description and would like to try it out, but you for some reason can’t get the game, there is a game just like this on Roblox called Dragon Blade RPG. The game’s description says, “This game is based on Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Most of it is very similar but with crafting added. Instead of a scary Gannon, it is a dragon. The threats aren’t too strong, but depending on your weapons, some still put up a fight!