What The Future Holds

Nikhil Chatterjee, Senior Editor & Writer

Ding-dong, time moves on

From class to class

Social element gone


Ring, ring, Facetiming

From phone to phone

Type, type, typing 


Where, where, is my mask

For the car, for school

We just have to ask

Sigh, sigh, wondering

Will we see you again

Without an answer, stumbling


 TV, TV, the president’s face

What’s it about? Then we all race

And we see that joyful grin

Then we sit there



We sit there, pondering

“What will we do?”

Then we realize, 

We can see all of you!


We can sing, we can dance

With our mouths wide open

We can smile

And walk into stores just reopened


Ding dong, time moves on

We run, play sports,

Talk, and more

But never forgetting the life

We all lived before. 


*In loving memory of all those we have lost during this COVID-19 pandemic.*
*May you always be in our hearts, minds, and forever in our souls.*