Boredom Busters

Elizabeth Powers, Writer

Boredom is something we’ve all experienced at least once in our lives, and no one likes having nothing to do for long periods of time. Even before the dawn of COVID, there have been rainy days when we’re stuck inside with nothing else to do but stare at our phones playing video games all day. Fortunately, there are other activities that we can do to cure that cabin fever boredom with ways that won’t require you to look at a phone screen; some you probably never expected could be an option.

One activity is animating or making home movies, and the kind of animating and recording equipment used for TV shows and movies is not required here. As long as you have a tablet or phone, you can download apps that will allow you to animate or record your own little movies. From cartoons to a live-action adventure movie, you can turn just about any big idea into a film. Even though this activity would require looking at a screen, it isn’t just playing computer games all day; it’s using the imagination in a whole new way by learning this interesting new skill. I have some app recommendations to use for these two activities. One is FlipaClip, which is the perfect app to use for animating, and can be accessed on any phone or tablet of any manufacturer. The other is iMovie, which is another great app to use for making live action home movies, but can only be accessed on iPads and phones. There are plenty of other apps out there, but these two are ones I highly recommend. If you ever get the chance, try out these two activities.
Another activity is cooking and baking. These are not only important life skills, but they can be really fun once you get the hang of them. You can make any of the foods you have been eating your entire life or new ones that interest you. Whether for when we have those days where we are stuck at home and very bored, or you are learning to cook and bake because you just want to learn it as a new hobby, this activity is a great time-filler and skill.
One final activity is coloring and doing crafts. These two pastimes are not just for kids; they can be complicated and fun for all ages. There are all sorts of choices to choose from; from DIY dreamcatchers kits to Zentangle coloring pages, the possibilities are endless. They’re also incredibly relaxing and help get your creative juices flowing. Doing either of these activities will leave anyone lost in a cycle of imagination and expressiveness for hours on end. It’s one of those great time fillers for when you feel stuck, bored, and cramped inside the house all day, and you just need something exciting to stimulate your brain.

Finally, there are many different forms of entertainment to do. Some of these you might have thought could be a possibility, but others you probably never thought you could be able to do. Even with stores and other fun places starting to reopen, there are still days where we have absolutely nothing to do, COVID or not. Times and days like these are the ones that are perfect for picking up a new hobby, and not just the ones on this list. There are plenty of other options, from drawing to a new sport. A new hobby could eventually become one of your favorite pastimes, or even passion.