3 Great Magic Tricks!

3 Great Magic Tricks!

Nikhil Chatterjee, Writer

Do you want to impress your friends and family with amazing card tricks? Or shuffle like a pro?  Here are tricks in magic to impress your friends and family! 

Disclaimer: All of these tricks require skill and practice. You will not get them all on the first try, so please do not get frustrated. These all take practice. Feel free to check out the videos as you follow the directions. Good luck!

Shuffle like a Pro!

  1. Take a regular deck of cards and split the deck into 2 pieces.
  2.   Take your thumb and put it on the bottom of 1 half of the deck. Take your index finger and put it on top of the middle. Take the rest of your fingers and place them on the top of the deck. Do the same with the other half of the deck.
  3. Slowly riffle down the side of the deck while putting pressure on your index finger. All the cards should be overlapped and face down on the table.
  4. Push both of the halves in, and you just shuffled like a pro.

Find someone’s card in a borrowed deck!

  1. Casually shuffle through the deck and make small talk.
  2. Fan the cards out and ask your volunteer to pick a card.  
  3. As the volunteer looks at their card, open the deck and look at the face-up card.
  4. Ask the volunteer to place their card atop the open deck.
  5. Close the deck, and just search for the card you saw. The volunteer’s card will be the card before YOUR chosen card.

Catch a playing card in your mouth!

  1. The key to this trick is timing and being able to vacuum with your mouth
  2. Practice sharply sucking in before anything. The key to this is by using your lungs and sucking in fast.
  3. First, put the card right on your mouth. Then do the “vacuum” movement. Make sure the card can stay there by itself, or hands-free.
  4. Then, lightly toss the card right in front of your face, and do the “vacuum” movement. If the card sticks there, then you are good!!


Above are 3 amazing magic tricks to impress anyone, anywhere, at any time! I hope these tricks work well and make sure to have fun!