Top 5 NFL Games In History


In the National Football League, some games can be boring and long, with the usual slow running plays that only get two or three yards. Even though these slow plays can happen, the games that are captured below are none other than the Top Five NFL Games in History. Enjoy!


Points Scored On November 27, 1966, the Washington Redskins went against the New York Giants. Both teams scored multiple touchdowns and field goals. The Giants earned 41 points, and with this score, you may think that the Giants would have won, but the Redskins came out with 72 points and the win. The total of the two scores makes the highest amount of scored points out of an NFL game history. In total, they earned a whopping 113 points!


Closest Game On November 26, 2007, the Pittsburgh Steelers played against Miami, with 17 seconds left in the 4th quarter, Jeff Reed, the kicker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, successfully scored a field goal, putting up the first and only score of the game. Pittsburgh won by just 3 points in a 3-0 win of Miami, a nail biter to the finish.


Tickets Sold November 4, 2019. The Denver Broncos played the Houston Texans that Sunday, and also set an NFL record for most sold-out games in a streak in NFL history when approximately 76,000 people showed up to the game. The Broncos wound up winning the game. 


Yards Traveled SuperBowl LII: The Philadelphia Eagles were playing the New England Patriots in SuperBowl 52. The game kept switching from the Eagles winning to the Patriots winning, but by the end of the game the Eagles came out on top with a score of 44-33 and a record of 955 yards on offense.


Least Amount of Points Scored On November 7, 1943, the game wasn’t going well for both the New York Giants and Detroit Lions. At the end of the game, only one could come out on top, or could it? Both teams had not been able to score a single point, but in the end, the New York Giants and Detroit Lions tied the game at a disappointing score of 0 to 0.


We hope you enjoyed the Superbowl of the 100th season that just occurred a few weeks ago.  Who knows what kinds of crazy games will appear now? But for now, enjoy the next 100 season of the NFL!!!