Festive Holiday Decor


Roman Santaniello, Writer

             For some reason holidays that take place during when it’s cold out usually seem to get the most attention. I mean, whatever happened to National Pancake Day? However I have to admit, the winter holidays are pretty great, no matter which one you celebrate. So why set up poorly made decorations that make it look like you could care less about them? That’s why I’m here, to make sure that the people have something to put in their house to celebrate their holidays! Here are three-holiday decorations that will make your house look more festive.

You can’t go wrong with the nostalgic decorations. Don’t even try to tell me you haven’t had a conversation with at least one relative explaining how that badly made square with a bunch of googly eyes on it is actually a fruit cake you made in kindergarten during craft time. I mean sure it looks awful now, but back then it was a representation of what your favorite thing to eat at this holiday (though we all know that would never be a fruit cake). And by putting it up, not only does it bring back memories of that time, but it’s also a great conversation piece for if you need to get out of a conversation with your grandparents about “the good old days.” And remember: nostalgic decorations are not limited to stuff you just slapped together with some glue when you were a kid. Pictures, old holiday cards, and other symbolic items are all options for nostalgic decorations.

Have you ever walked into someone’s house during the holidays and have just been utterly amazed by one particular decoration? In the decoration industry, the decoration that steals the show is most commonly the Christmas tree. However, the Christmas tree is not the only one that could steal the show. Lights are probably the most underrated decoration known to man, and just because they most commonly glow red and green that doesn’t mean they could only be used for Christmas. Blue and white for Hanukkah, and even brown and orange-brown for Thanksgiving all work! Another great decoration is one that you yourself could wear, a sweater to display your holiday excitement. I remember last year I was walking through Macy’s, and literally right next to the Christmas sweaters were Hanukkah and Kwanza ones, with other holiday sweaters nearby. However as we’ve learned from movies and books, you can’t beat the classics.

A classic decoration is a decoration you put up every year no matter how you feel about it. You could love it, or you could hate it, but either way, it wouldn’t matter, it’s still getting hung up on the wall. Everyone has


one, could be an old family heirloom, or a picture you drew of a snowy day when you were five (which also goes with the nostalgic) but the chances are there’s probably one of these in your living room right now. Now unlike the other decorations, this isn’t something you could just go out and buy on the spot. As shown from the name, the classic has to be something old or decoration that’s been in your house before. If at the moment you don’t have one, put something up now and keep putting it up for the next couple of years, and create a classic for the future.

As you can see, there are many ways to celebrate your favorite holidays. Be sure to create and enjoy your favorite decor this holiday season!