Starla Marcelo, Senior Editor & Writer

Aries- March 21 to April 20

This month, good luck will find you, if only you can try and give others the same good luck. Karma is on your side this month. Try and make other people’s lives a little bit better before focusing on your own.  Try and right your wrongdoings if you have any, compliment someone, or do anything to make someone else’s day better. It will pay off in the end.


Taurus- April 21 to May 21

Optimism and boundless energy will fill your interactions this month. You are feeling fun and conversational, but remember to keep it positive. As the holidays approach, try and take advantage of every opportunity you get to help the community.


Gemini-May 22 to June 21

This month, an unexpected event will catch you off guard. A friendship will become rocky, but will quickly stabilize. Try and not let what other people say to bring you down. This month, don’t postpone things. Do them the second they are assigned, and you will impress many. The movement of Jupiter might symbolize an end to your streak of bad luck this week. 


Cancer- June 22 to July 22

This month, explore your current hobby further. For example, if your long-time hobby is drawing, watch videos on different types of drawing. Check out books on sketching from the library. Or if your hobby is cooking, explore different styles of cooking, or watch cooking shows on “Food Network.”


Leo- July 23 to August 23

This month, embrace your good qualities.  Leo’s good qualities are that you are caring and generous to the people you love, you’re very honest, and you have a magnetic personality. So, embrace yourself! You might find it hard at times to love yourself, but everyone is different and special.


Virgo- August 24 to September 22

Stay positive this month. You can tend to be pessimistic, so try and see everything in a “glass half full” kind of style. See the bright side in everything you do. Always try your hardest to be optimistic! Even when things don’t look good, try and put a positive spin on it!


Libra- September 23 to October 23

This month, try and find a way to make someone’s life easier. You never know what they could be going through so you should always try and help out.  For example, something as small as helping someone carry their things can brighten someone else’s day. Kindness is the best way to help someone out.


Scorpio- October 24 to November 22

This month, be thankful for your teachers. Teachers have some of the most important jobs in the world, and students put them through a lot. Without teachers, no one would have enough education to have the incredible advances in technology and medicine we have now.


Sagittarius- November 23 to December 21

This month, trust your instincts. If you go with your gut, you are strengthening your trust in yourself. Your intuition is your first understanding of a topic, your first impulse. You don’t need to ask- you just know. It is always best to double-check though if your impulse is on a test. 


Capricorn- December 22 to January 20

This month, try and patch up old friendships. Any old friendships that have drifted apart, try to get in touch with your old friend. Maybe hang out together at lunch! You never know, maybe the person has changed for the better!


Aquarius- January 21 to February 18

This month, explore your free-spirited nature. During your free time, go outside! Explore your neighborhood! I explored the stream near my house a year or two ago, and now it is one of my favorite places. Remember to always use bug/tick spray when going somewhere with high grasses or a wooded area.


Pisces- February 19 to March 20 

This month is a great month for you! You are going to have a lot of great days! Make sure to look out for yourself though! Don’t boast about your good luck, because others might be down on theirs! Appreciate your good luck and don’t take advantage of it.