Ask The Oracle


Starla Marcelo, Senior Editor & Writer

Balancing School and Home


Dear Oracle, 

My parents are always on top of me with my school work. How can I get them off my back?


        Parent Problems


Dear Parent Problems,

The first thing you need to do is take a deep breath. Many people have the same problem, so you’re not alone. One reason parents act like this is because their parents did this to them when they were our age, so this is what they think is the proper way to deal with grades. The Chicago Tribune states, “If your parents screamed at you and you find yourself screaming too, it could mean you inherited similar genetic predispositions toward impatience or you didn’t grow up developing a process to manage your own emotions.” One tip is to show them your homework before you start so that they know what you have to do, and then do it near them so that they know that you are focused. This could even be a good time to talk about your day. This can bring you closer together so maybe they won’t be as hard on you if they get a feeling of what you are going through. Lastly, it’s okay to get upset, but don’t make them more agitated in the process. That will just make more problems for you. Try and make an arrangement with your parents on what is considered a “good” grade. This mutual agreement means that they can’t get mad at you unless it is below that grade. Everyone has different strengths, so if your strength isn’t in academics, you might have an average grade that is to the best of your ability but isn’t perfect. So, in the future, don’t stress, but take they’re concerns seriously. They only do this because they care for you.


Help! I’m late ALL the time!


Dear Oracle, 

I keep trying to get to class on time, but some of my classes are halfway across the school! How can I get to class before the bell rings?




Dear Tardy, 

Being late sometimes is normal. When it happens ALL the time is when it becomes a problem. Normally, when kids stop to talk to their friends or teachers, this slows them down. Don’t take your time, but also don’t rush. Don’t panic when you are either late or behind schedule, because I know from experience that it slows you down. Deep breaths are your best friend when this happens. It’s a great, quick way to de-stress. Lastly, stay after school to try and find the quickest route. For example, if you have to get from the orchestra room to the media center, you should take the staircase that goes to the front of the school. Teachers are pretty good about tardiness if it happens every once in a while, but don’t let it happen all the time. Talk to your guidance counselor or team leader for more advice. If what is slowing you down is a medical condition, talk to your parents and the nurse about it. Remember, take a deep breath, calm down, and take the quickest route.