Book Review: The Death Cure

Emily Bongo, Writer

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The Death Cure, by James Dashner, is the last in the Maze Runner series. Although the second book, Scorch Trials, ends differently than The Death Cure, it’s still an amazing book! The book starts with Thomas trapped in the center of WICKED, but being released from his isolation. He soon meets up with his friends again, and they discuss their situation. Not long after does the group find out some devastating news along with news that could change everything for them. The news cheers up people, but naturally Minho, Newt, and Thomas are not willing to take the risk. But their wishes are never taken into consideration, especially with WICKED. When they group, yet again, is split up, Thomas finds not everyone is trustworthy, or are they? He finds that labels mask the real image of people sometimes. Later he goes after his friends, which leads them to stealing a berg (an advanced plane), and having sequences or action-packed moments, in which lives were at risk. Having only the ability to save very few people, such as Newt, Minho, Jorge, and Brenna, they make it a mission to make it to the rumored safe haven. But something still bugs Thomas, like where Teresa was. There was a rumor that Teresa left with some others, but how could he know for sure? Once they land at Denver, a place where only the unaffected people go to get away from an illness that was revealed in Scorch Trials, Newt stays in the berg while Thomas, and the others meet up with people from the past, and finally get some answers. But will the time in Denver change their worlds altogether?

Throughout the series, cliffhangers and deaths came as easily as rain falls. But in this book the characters make choices that change them forever! So, kudos to James Dashner for creating such suspense! The plot throughout the book will blow your mind! The series will leave you wanting more, and fortunately, this book keeps you on your toes the entire time. Even the relationships between characters change when betrayals shine through. James Dashner hits not far from home, figuratively, for some people who have struggled with sickness, depression, and family issues. It hits your heart hard enough to make you cry about the struggles that are forced upon these characters. I strongly recommend this author for an action-packed, engaging book. The fact that he is able to explain this series in only three books blows my mind! Even the tenderness of the friendships get to me, the balanced amount makes you smile. But also in the end, that balance is thrown aside, to make everyone gasp.