Tips That Can Help You Survive The School Year

Tips That Can Help You Survive The School Year

Ryan Geraghty, Writer

Do you have problems throughout the year that you just can’t seem to get rid of? Well, there are five easy ways that can help you survive the rest of the school year. These tips will help students get good grades and improve how they do at school.

#1- Sit in the front of your class

This tip is great for students who want to get their grades up or just getting a good grade in that class. Sitting up front allows a student to pay more attention, understand the lesson more, and know everything that is happening That his/her teacher is talking about.

#2- Drink up

Hydration is key for students who get tired easily in class. If you know that you have gotten enough sleep, that means that you are probably dehydrated. So, in each of your classes, try carrying a water bottle so you don’t end up snoozing in class.

#3- Emergency outfit

Are you a student who may forget their gym clothes sometime during the school year? Well, this tip can ensure that you do not forget it. All you need to do is to bring another change of clothing so you can be sure that you can have fun and not receive a bad grade in gym.

#4- Use a planner

This tip is really helpful for people who are forgetful or if you just have a lot of homework to do. To remember all the things that you have to get done you can either buy a physical planner or you can grab a couple of pieces of paper, staple them together, and then you’ve got your own planner to keep track of what you need to get done every day.

#5- Carry less

Do you slug around a ton of binders and books all day long? Do you really need all that stuff? There is a simple solution. If you don’t need it, don’t use it! If there is something that is weighing down your arms carrying stuff class to class that you don’t really need, just leave it in your locker. If you don’t need that object, book, or binder at all for that day, just don’t even bring it to school.

These strategies will ensure more success for the rest of this school year. They will make these last few months easier and get better grades.Try them out… and survive the school year!