Having Trouble Studying??? Use These Helpful Study Tips

Having Trouble Studying???  Use These Helpful Study Tips

Caroline Price, writer

Are you struggling with studying? Is there ever so much pressure from studying? Do you need help finding more ways to study? By reading this article, you will find more ways to study for your tests! Trust me, take the advice, and study on!

Some ways you can study are:

  • Using flowcharts and diagrams…

Using these, you can go back to studying after breaks and not have to forget what you just studied.

  • You can practice on older exams that go back to the topic…

By using old exams, you can review what you know and what you’ve learned and apply it to what you’re studying.

  • Organizing study groups with your friends…

As fun as it is to talk with your friends, it’s also fun to study with them! By studying with your friends, you can actually enjoy studying, while hanging with your buddies!

  • Review and revise your work…

By reviewing and revising your work, you can improve your grades, which happens to be a form of studying!

  • Taking breaks while studying…

Sometimes, studying for long periods of time can make you drift off and you get easily distracted. By taking breaks, you won’t get as distracted, and you will be able to refresh your brain!

  • Plan your study times…

By planning your study times around your exam dates, you can feel more prepared, and then, you know the amount of time you actually get for studying. For instance, if you get a study guide on Tuesday, and the test is that friday, you now know you have three days to study!

Now, after reading this, does this change your perspective of studying? Does it help you? Would you take the advice and apply it to your everyday study lives?




Flowcharts – A diagram of the sequence of different movements and/or actions of people or things (nouns in general) involving a complex activity or system


Diagrams – A simplified drawing, that’s showing the appearance, structure, or workings of something