2017-2018 Staff

Naomi Williams

Editor, Writer

I am a sixth grader in house two. I love reading and writing. This is my first year on Falcon Press, and I love it. Besides Falcon Press, I also do TSA and field hockey.

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Jessie Mobus


I like writing nonfiction pieces and recipes. This is my first year on staff and I'm in house 2. Some of my hobbies include soccer, field hockey, writing, reading, and roller derby.

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Haven McGuinn


I love writing about cooking or baking recipes. I am new to the Falcon Press this year. I'm in 6th grade in house 3. Some of my hobbies are reading, soccer, and playing with my puppy. I am excited to be on the Falcon Press.

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Maddy Jameson


My name is Maddy Jameson, my middle name means wisdom. I love the colors teal and rose gold. I am the oldest of three girls, and I have one dog. A fun fact about me is that my mom went to FMS.

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Kate Ilias


  I am a sixth grade Dragon at Frelinghuysen Middle School. I love to play with my brothers and dog outside together. I love the fresh air on crisp fall afternoons. I love to bake and ride my bike. I love hanging out with...

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Elise Hinrichs


I just joined Falcon Press this year, seeing as I am in 6th grade. I am in house 2 (Tiger), and my hobbies include reading, writing, soccer, gymnastics, and piano. I love writing fiction or opinion writing because I have strong...

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Olivia Gustavsen


Writing is one of my favorite things to do in my spare time. I also like to read, play the piano, and play the flute. I'm a sixth grader in house three and have been part of the Falcon Press since the beginning of the school year.

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Michael Goldberg


I like writing stories and about stuff that interests me. This is my first year on staff, and I'm in 6th grade in house 1.

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Zephan Deepu

Layout Editor, Writer

I just joined the Falcon Press staff in September. I love to write all different types of topics and genres. I'm in 6th grade and in house 2. I love to read, play with my brother, watch movies, and explore new places.

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Victoria Cardenas Colindres

Layout Editor, Writer

I'm in grade 6 and in house 3. Some of my hobbies are tennis, break dancing, skiing, snowboarding, etc. This is my first year on the Falcon Press staff.

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Ava Breault


I am in 6th grade and in house 2. I enjoy writing about FMS and things in the community. I enjoy reading, writing, biking, swimming, playing field hockey, and playing softball.

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Kendall Tierney

Senior Layout Editor, Writer

I am a seventh grader in house three. This is my second year on the Falcon Press staff; I am also very happy to be a layout editor too. Outside of the Falcon Press, I do the play and soccer.

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John Nolan


I am in 7th grade (house 2,) am new to FMS and to the Falcon Press, but I am excited to get started. I am a huge Philadelphia sports fan, and I love rock music. I have always been interested in writing about sports and current...

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Jordan Dickman


I am in house one, seventh grade. I love karate, tennis, reading, and video games. I started Falcon Press this year, and it has been fun.

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Jackson Sroka


I like to write about science. This is my third year on the staff. I am interested in history.

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Jeremy Rubin


I just joined Falcon Press and I like to write about anything that has to do with FMS. I am in 8th grade, house 1, and my hobbies are playing video games and spending time with friends.

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Ethan Olidge-Evans

Editor, Writer

I am in house 3 and in 8th grade. I've been on the Falcon Press staff for 3 years, and as you may have guessed, I love to write. From poetry to scripts to editorials, writing is a passion of mine, and I hope that it is reflected...

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