Best Restaurants in Morristown

March 27, 2018

Morristown is an amazing town filled with dozens of places to eat. Every once in a while we might hear the phrase, “Where do you want to eat?” Whether you want a snack or a full meal, Morristown can easily fulfill your needs. Between good old-fashioned American food, Philly Pretzels, and even Polish Pierogies, Morristown has got it all.  You can consider this article a ‘guide’ for where to eat. The five restaurants or eateries that will be highlighted in this article are The Office, Urban Table, Origin Thai, Philly Pretzel Factory, and Pierogies House.

This first section is dedicated to sweet and savory American Food. The Office and Urban Table are great places to spend a perfect night. Both are located in the heart of Morristown, South Street. First, The Office. The Office is unique because each month it focuses on a different state to dedicate specials. Not only that, but they have delicious specialities. My personal favorite is their Pepperoni Flatbread, this meal has a mouthwatering crust that is just the right amount of soft and crispy. You can also find, Chicken and Waffles, amazing burgers, salads, and much, much more. Each dish will leave your stomach full and satisfied. Also, as the warm weather comes, they offer outdoor seating to enjoy the Spring breeze. Next, Urban Table is an amazing place for lunch or dinner. You can enjoy a salad or chicken; however, my favorite is their delicious burgers. The amazing juices will drip down your chin and onto your clothes; it has the perfect amount of seasoning, and don’t forget to order savory fries. If you are looking for your favorite foods in a restaurant, Urban Table and The Office are places to go.

Origin Thai is a great place to enjoy a quick bite or a full meal. From soup or chicken, there are many options to satisfy your cravings. Some of these options are curry puffs, gyoza (a type of dumpling), and chicken sate. However, Origin Thai is not only a Thai restaurant; it is a French-Thai fusion restaurant. If you have a favorite French dish, you can get escargot, meats, and seafood. It is also located on South Street.

Now, we travel east of France to Poland to get Pierogies! Pierogi House is on Morris Street. Pierogies are basically a dumpling but can be filled with some of your favorite food. These handmade snacks can be part of a whole meal or just an afternoon snack. You can have them boiled or pan fried and add any type of toppings your heart desires. You can get anything from potato, bacon and cheddar to a Spinach and a Feta Pierogi, or even a Philly Cheesesteak Pierogi.

Speaking of Philly, have you ever had one of their delicious soft pretzels? You’re in luck, a brand new Pretzel Factory is coming soon to Morristown! The Philly Pretzel Factory will have dozens on top of dozens of pretzels. You can order party trays to cater your parties or you can just order three to satisfy your cravings. Their specialty isn’t just pretzels it’s the different dips; from a regular mustard to a cinnamon dip, they have it all!

Whether you want a full meal or a quick snack, Morristown has got you covered! It has plenty of options for you! There are many other options out there, but if you want some guidance you can definitely refer to this article to help figure out exactly where to go! Happy eating!


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