Student Spotlight: Spring Break

Student Spotlight: Spring Break

Maddy Jameson, Writer

Spring break has recently passed. Even though there was a shortened break, I hope everyone got a chance to relax and enjoy their time off. I was very fortunate to be able to interview these FMS students about what they were doing for spring break.


Falcon Press: Where are you going?

Ester Kirk: I will be going to Vancouver Canada with my family.

FP: What are you doing there?

EK: I will be going there on a ski trip.


Falcon Press: Where are you going?

Dillon Walker: I’m staying home.

FP: What will you be doing at home?

DW: I’m going to watch Netflix and hang out with my friends.

FP: Do you plan on doing anything special over spring break?

DW: I am going to church on Easter, and celebrating with my family.


Falcon Press: Where are you going?

Marianna Petrou: I am going to stay in NJ for the most part, but I will be going to Pennsylvania.

FP: What do you plan on doing?

MP: I am going to a waterpark in Pennsylvania, and going to hang out with friends.


Traveling, skiing, celebrating holidays, enjoying waterparks: those are just what some of the students at FMS did over spring break. Overall, you can see that these students all spent time with people they care about, friends and family. In looking ahead, these are some great plan ideas that you could do during your next break!