The Dream SMP Lore Story Line

The Dream SMP Lore Story Line

Ryan Geraghty, Writer

 Minecraft has been around for quite some time now, and there are many activities to do inside the game ranging from Bedwars to Skywars, and from Parkour to creating your own server. But in recent times, there has been a new uprising of content creation, and that would be the Dream SMP, which was created on April 25 of last year by famous content creators Dream and GeorgeNotFound. The SMP is a Survival Multiplayer server that produces content for their millions of followers on platforms such as Twitch and Youtube. Since then, they’ve added more people to the server, racking up 33 official members along with surprise visits from others. On this server, there is content that some creators do call Lore. The lore on the SMP is a variation of storytelling that is performed every so often during an event on the SMP. There have been wars, time traveling, memory loss, and lots of deep emotions that can come from the lore that contributes to the overall storyline of the SMP. 


In this article, I will be covering the Dream SMP lore from the very beginning up to the current events occurring in the server. This article is highly recommended if you need to catch up on any events that have taken place, or if you are just getting into viewing the server. With that, I hope you enjoy learning all about the Dream SMP!

The Start

        We first start off at the beginning of the server where the only members were Dream and GeorgeNotFound. After a few days, they decided to add a couple of their friends to the server which include Sapnap, Awesamdude and ItsAlyssa. They built concepts on the server, such as the community house, that are still around today. Everything was running pretty smoothly and well until TommyInnit joined the server on July 4th of 2020. Tommy caused problems breaking the server rules such as griefing, murdering, and overall starting a lot of fights. This would go on to affect the entire history of the server, and spreading an outbreak and wars to come. 

The Disc War

        The first war we come across is the Disc War. The Disc War was between Dream and TommyInnit. The two discs are Tommy’s prized possessions on the server. Dream however wanted to get a hold of them, so he could have complete control over Tommy. They have been going back and forth, using the discs as leverage over one another all until January 21st of 2021 where Tommy and Tubbo fought Dream to the death. Dream ended up losing 2 of his 3 cannon lives that day and was placed in Pandora’s Vault, a prison built on the server by Awesamdude. Dream would have lost all three of his cannon lives that day, but the only thing that kept Tommy from taking all of them was the fact that Dream could revive people after they had lost their third cannon life. So, with Wilbur dead and hopes to bring him back to life, they just locked up Dream for later use. 

The L’amanburg War

        The second war we see happen on the server is the L’amanburg War. After the addition of WilburSoot joining the server he had decided to create a nation known as L’amanburg. This nation consisted of himself, Tommy, Fundy, Tubbo, Eret, and Fundy. The war first sparked off when Wilbur and Tommy announced their independence as a nation. Dream did not want this to happen, because he would no longer have control of those people anymore. But, it wasn’t looking too good for L’amanburg as Eret betrayed them leaving them in the dust. There wasn’t any other option, or anything L’amanburg could do at this point so Tommy challenged Dream to a duel. If Tommy won, L’amanburg would get to have its independence. However, if Dream won, he would get one of Tommy’s discs. Tommy did end up losing the war but it wasn’t over just yet. Tommy made yet another deal with Dream that he would give him both of his discs for L’amanburg’s independence. The negotiation was a success, and L’amanburg was born. 

The Railway War

        The next war is the Railway war. This was a very small and anticlimactic war. Tommy had accidently killed Dream with a minecart, but ultimately tried to benefit from it. He stole Dream’s loot in hopes of making a trade with it to get his discs back. However, Dream saw no point in this and could simply get new gear. So, he killed Tommy’s pet horse and the war came to an end as Tommy returned Dream’s items.

The Pet War

        As another small war, the Pet War didn’t really end well. Dream SMP member Sapnap had begun the pet war by killing Nihachu’s pet fox as well Fundy’s enderman. Niki got hurt and sought revenge. With Tommy’s help, he stole Sapnap’s two pet fish, Beckerson and Mars, and with the help of Fundy, killed one of Sapnap’s foxes. Sapnap then decided to blow up the gravesite for Niki’s pet, which resulted in a duel between Fundy and Sapnap. Ultimately, Fundy had lost and the war just ended, as neither side had leverage over one another. 

The Manberg Rebellion

        Wilbur, President of L’amanburg, decided to hold an election since there was no vote giving him his leadership. Four parties were then created. Pog2020 with Wilbur and Tommy, Swag2020 with Quackity and GeorgeNotFound, Coconut2020 with Niki and Fundy, and Schlatt2020 with JSchlatt running solo. A vote was held on Twitter to have viewers determine the outcome. Pog2020 ended up having the most votes, but before the election started, Quackity made a deal with Schlatt saying that if neither of them were the victors, they would combine their votes. As a result, both parties combined votes so that JSchlatt was voted the new President of L’amanburg, with Quackity as his Vice President. Immediately JSchlatt made his first decree to revoke the citizenship of WilburSoot and TommyInnit. 

The War of the Burning Eiffel Tower

        Another small war on the server was the War of the Burning Eiffel Tower. This war kicked off when Sapnap had accidently killed Tommy’s pet cow Henry. Tommy plotted his revenge recruiting Dream and Technoblde to fight against Sapnap, BadBoyHalo, Skeppy, Punz and Antfrost. Overall Tommy’s team was stronger, and they ended up winning this war. 


Manberg vs. Pogtopia

        Manberg vs Pogtopia is arguably one of the best wars and the biggest war to have ever happened on the server. This war took place on November 16, 2020. There was a lot of preparation going into this war as Wilbur, Tommy, Tubbo, Technoblade, Fundy, and Nihachu built an underground city known as Pogtopia. With help from Technoblade they received some of the best gear on the server that prepared them for war. Along the way they recruited other members to fight against JSchaltt and his new found nation, Manberg. Schlatt received help from Dream along with some others to fight back, until Dream gave up the location of Schaltt where he was hiding. As Tommy was about to take Jschlatt’s last cannon life, he died from a stroke. But, it wasn’t over just yet. Wilbur and Tommy could regain their spots as President and Vice President, but they ended up giving leadership over to Tubbo with Tommy as his Vice. However, this entire time Dream had warned them that there was a traitor among the members Pogtopia. When Schlatt died he admitted to this being a lie, but he was in fact not telling the truth. Wilbur was the traitor. He had been having thoughts of blowing L’amanburg up for the longest time and it had happened on that date. He was caught right before pushing the button by Philza, but after the deed was done, he requested to die, and Wilbur had lost his final canon life. Yet again, it wasn’t over just then. Technoblade, being an anarchist, did not like the idea of rulers or any higher power. When Tubbo became their new leader and felt betrayed since he had helped them regain L’amanburg from Schlatt. So, he unleashed multiple withers, and once they were defeated, he had become an enemy of the state of the New L’amanburg. 

The Doomsday War

        This war by far was one of the most devastating. Dream, Technoblade, and Philza went against all the members of L’amanburg. The war was supposed to take place at 3:00 P.M., but they attacked earlier and unexpectedly from above, raining thousands upon thousands of explosives on the nation, and unloading a total of 15 withers. L’amanburg was not prepared for this and was destroyed, leaving behind a huge crater of all the history left behind. 

Exile Arc

        The Exile Arc kicked off when a new member of the server, Ranboo, joined. Ranboo had been goofing around with Tommy and both decided to burn down and grief George’s house. Dream being George’s very close friend was not happy with this at all, and with Tubbo being the new leader of L’amanburg he had demanded that something be done. Over the course of a couple days Dream was like a gnat in Tubbo’s ear trying to get him to betray Tommy. This eventually did happen when Tubbo exiled Tommy from L’amanburg, and he couldn’t walk on any of the grounds of the SMP that had already been discovered. Dream took Tommy far away and would visit him every week, making sure he stayed put. Tommy’s lore from they’re got pretty dark diving into topics that were pretty serious. Eventually he started to wake and realize that he could just run away while Dream was gone. So, he did just that. On his journey away from exile, he discovered a house in one of the snow biomes of the server. This ended up being Technoblade’s house. From here Techno would provide for Tommy until one day he returned to L’amanburg to confront Tubbo. In their altercation Tubbo gave Dream one of Tommy’s discs. Somehow Tommy also ended up turning on Technoblade and becoming friends with Tubbo once more. This is what kicked off the Doomsday War. 


The Imprisonment

The Arc ties a lot into the Disc War. Towards the end of the Disc War, Dream was put in Pandora’s Vault for later use, claiming he could revive the dead. Since then Dream has been in this prison with no way of escaping. The prison system, run by Awesamdude, was thought to be very safe and inescapable. Overtime people have visited Dream including Tommy, Sapnap, BadBodyHalo, and Ranboo. One day Tommy vowed that this would be his last time visiting Dream. Everything was going smooth until unexpected explosions were heard right outside of the prison. With security being so tight and strict in Pandora’s Vault, Tommy would have to remain in prison with Dream until the security situation was resolved. The situation was in fact not resolved for over two weeks. Tommy had been annoying Dream constantly with their time together. One day Dream snapped and killed Tommy taking his last cannon life. Tommy’s next stream we see a pitch black screen, and Tommy is heard talking to Wilbur in the afterlife. Wilbur’s voice all of a sudden gets very faint, to the point of where it vanishes. Tommy’s screen then flashed back to him inside the prison with Dream. Tommy had been brought back to life. With this Tommy was able to escape the cell notifying Sam. Viewers were able to learn that Dream actually had the power to bring people back to life and we are left to wonder what he will do with it. 

Ranboo’s Memory

        Ranboo’s character has memory loss. He is also half Enderman, and the other half is still yet to be revealed. As Ranboo starts going about his day to day time on the server, we see a voice starting to talk to him. This voice is believed to be Dream. These voices keep appearing in Ranboo’s head, and as a result he builds a panic room. Ranboo also started to journal everything he did in a book so he wouldn’t forget anything. Ranboo also has a condition called an Enderwalk. Certain things trigger his Enderwalk such as when anyone types “:)”. From there he won’t remember anything of what happens when he wakes up, and is able to cause serious damage. If we take a look back to when there was a security issue and Tommy got stuck in the prison. The only person on the server who wasn’t doing anything at the time was Ranboo. It is said that he was the one who planted explosions near the prision and trapped Tommy inside. However, he couldn’t recall what he did that day, so many believe that he was in an Enderwalk state. A little before this event even occurred, Ranboo was thought to have visited Dream. When Ranboo visited the prison, everything seemed a little off. Things started to get really weird when Dream had multiple copies of Ranboo’s journal with him. The screen ended up getting all swirly, and eventually blacked out, only with a “:)” left. 

Tales of the SMP

        A couple months ago in one of Karl’s streams, we learned that he was able to time travel. Since then he has traveled numerous times to places like The Town That Never Was, The Village That Went Mad, The Beach Episode, The Lost City of Mizu, The Masquerade, The Wild West, The Haunted Mansion and The Pit. All of these streams include little bits of lore from the future and the past. But, when his traveling is done, he returns to a place called The Inbetween. Here we first learn that it was a place meant for time travelers to rest and take a break. It is a beautiful white castle in the sky, and doesn’t seem to have a problem in the world. This is until we see some books that pop up in random places. It is as though one person is telling him this place is safe, and another that is telling him he needs to hide and get out of there. Up until Karl’s most recent Tales stream “The Pit”, Karl wasn’t able to leave The Inbetween, aside from being able to return home. But, there was a portal that we had learned of in the Inbetween, and the gate blocking the portal was no longer there. As Karl raced to the portal, words popped up on the screen that kept telling him to get and and that he was almost there. Once through the portal, we enter a world called The Other Side. In this world there is a black castle. And with a book inside, it assures him that this is a safe place. However, when Karl eventually returns home, he keeps getting weaker. He loses his memory and begins to write down all the adventures he goes on.

The Egg

        After the Doomsday War, we see a red type of vine coming from deep below in the crater. It leads to a giant red egg. The egg has taken over people’s minds, and whispers to them in a language that the controlled can only understand. With this a group called the eggpire was formed, with the egg controlling multiple people such as BadBoyHalo, Skeppy, Punz, Antfrost and Hannah. The egg has spread all over the server and up till now has been a nuisance. Recently, however, the egg allowed its followers to destroy the egg vines across the server since it didn’t want to make the other people of the server upset. Members of the eggpire such as BadBoyHalo, AntFrost and Punz have been pushing people to go see the egg and join the empire. Although most of their attempts have been unsuccessful, on April 25, 2021, we are expected to see something called the Red Banquet. Multiple people outside of the eggpire have been invited, and several theories are being churned up for what might happen.

Las Nevadas

        SMP member Quackity has been working on a project called Las Nevadas for the past month. Since then, we have gotten two streams building up more and more of Quackity’s lore. In his first lore stream, we see Quackity confront BadBoyHalo to express his desire of wanting his friend back, since he has been corrupted by the egg. We also see a very big moment in which the Awesamdude has allowed Quackity to enter the prison everyday, and tourture Dream until he gets the revive book on how to bring people back to life, but to no avail just quite yet. The final installment that is shown in this first lore stream is all of the memories of El Rapids. El Rapids was a country created by Quackity that included members such as George, Sapnap, and Karl. Participants are led to believe that the three other members just abandoned Quackity, but we see in his next lore stream that wasn’t exactly the case. During his next lore stream we see a “prequel” of the first stream involving Las Nevadas. We see an interaction with Quackity and George after everyone else left El Rapids. Quackity explained how he was building Las Nevadas and would make money with his casinos, hotels, and many more attractions. Then we get a hard hitting question about what happened to El Rapids. George explains that he, Karl, and Sapnap went to go build a new county called Kinoko Kingdom However, Quackity was supposed to be included in all of this, but Karl forgot to tell him. Viewers expect that Karl forgot due to his time traveling problem, hence why it is so hard-hitting.


        Overall, the history of the Dream SMP is very long, to say the least. There are definitely more bits and pieces of lore that were not included that can be seen on some of the vods correlated to whichever streamer was streaming a certain event on Twitch or on Youtube. If you plan on watching the Dream SMP or plan on catching up on some of the lore you may have missed, reading this article should put you up to date as of publication time. I also recommend going to watch “SAD-ist” on YouTube. The animatics she has ranging from “Warriors” to “Hog-Hunt” cover the majority of events and wars that have occurred on the server, all the while making them thrilling and exciting to watch!