Sweet, Sweet Halloween Candy: Don’t Miss Out!

Sweet, Sweet Halloween Candy: Don’t Miss Out!

Jack Delgado, Writer

         One of the 365 days of the year with a special name is Halloween. One of the best parts of Halloween is all of the candy you can get, and there are strategies to help you get candy. So, go grab the biggest bag you have because this is a list OF HOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF HALLOWEEN CANDY!

Number 5: Start early, end late.

Chances are you’ll need to be in school, and that will take a big chunk of your time to trick or treat. Yet, if you have your Halloween costume ready to go, and the school is near a neighborhood, you can immediately start trick or treating before the other kids even have their costumes on.  But, even if that isn’t possible, then try to end trick or treating as late as you can go, and hope that you don’t wake someone up. 

Number 4: Look for multi-residential buildings.

Sometimes, you can come across an entire neighborhood of condominiums or apartment complexes, and you can get candy from multiple houses faster than you can from a few separate houses. These big apartments are always close to each other and offer even more than ten houses with candy-givers.  That’s a lot of candy! 

Number 3:  The spookier the better.

As you walk down a neighborhood, you can notice the Halloween decorations that the houses have. They usually have cobwebs and gravestones. So those houses are usually the “OK candy” tier. The houses you really want to look out for are the ones with the traps that jump out and scare you when you step on them or the ones with fog machines. They usually have a lot of decorations behind the fog. Other than that, they almost always have a container full of sweets that you just take from instead of ringing the bell. 

Number 2:  Maps 

Of course, you’re going to need to know the good trick or treating spots to get candy.  Stay away from dead-end neighborhoods and from neighborhoods where the houses are spread out. Look for long neighborhoods, were the houses are packed together (like near the Green). 

Number 1: “Scooby Doo’s Gang”

As the last tip, the biggest recommendation is that you bring friends with you when you go trick or treating. You can cover more ground quickly, and depending on your friends, they might give you some of their candy. Be sure to plan this out ahead of time so it’s a win win situation.

Which of these tips will you use to help you to get more Halloween candy on the most spooky day of the year? Good luck!