Top 5 Underrated Sports

Top 5 Underrated Sports

Emily Bongo, Writer

We all love our own sports and hobbies, but what do other people think about them? Do they think they’re boring, hard, or just downright easy.? Well, the top five underrated sports or hobbies consist of surfing, archery, horseback riding, figure skating, and gymnastics.





1.Gymnastics- To start in gymnastics, you need athleticism that will eventually lead to effective balance, flexibility coordination, agility, power, and much more. People think these traits come naturally, but actually, hard work brings these out. Also, because this sport is very dangerous, so you have to be ready for something new or you could get seriously injured. In addition, gymnasts must be practicing under much pressure for an upcoming competition. But, even after competitions, it is a full-time sport for many days a week when you have to memorize routines and specific moves. So many hours are put into strength and flexibility training; these hours spent are long and tough. A statement from a former gymnast, Ms. Valinoti said, “ After being a gymnast for some years, I now appreciate this hard sport. Gymnastics requires determination, hard work, passion, and motivation. I admire the gymnasts who persist through all the struggles, to become a great athlete. Gymnastics is one of the most demanding sports and should be given the respect it deserves.” As said this sport takes so much time and strength, and it is not very obvious, but even so it should be treated with respect.

2. Figure skating- To begin, figure skaters need a very carefully put balance to stay on 4-millimeter blades. These skaters throw themselves into twists and turn on these blades and if you were to lose your balance you would fall on the hard ice. Also in order to practice these moves and improve they must be on the ice, making falls frequent and expected. This sport also needs the grace to pass through competitions, if you are sloppy it is likely you won’t place well. When people see figure skating, they see the ease of skating instead of how the ice is so slippery and terrifying. Karen Chen, a figure skater says, “I wanted to show people that if you work hard, never give up, and believe in yourself you will succeed.” Scott Hamilton also states, “Without strength and courage it’s really hard to perform at the highest levels of international skating because you not alone on the ice and you only have seven minutes over two nights to prove yourself.” These determine that even though this sport seems graceful and easy, it is a hard sport mentally and physically for people.

3. Horseback riding- Riding horses may look like you just sit on the horse, but really your position, balance, and your state of mind are really what affects you and the horse. People think this because of the saddle, or seat, but really it still makes you work hard.  Riding has many components to it, but one of them is to make it look easy as if the horse is doing all the work. No one really knows how much strength is put into making these 1200-pound animals move, jump, turn, and frame, (a relaxed position used in shows). All muscles are needed, mainly your core, leg, inner thigh, and calf are what you rely on. These are the things you wouldn’t notice as a viewer or in the audience. Horses are live animals and have bad days or mood swings too, and people really expect them to be heartless and chaotic. But if you handle them correctly you have a put together horse. One big part that people don’t understand is the responsibility behind taking care of the horse. You groom, bathe, muck out stalls, feed, water, and exercise the horses.  Lastly, some horses are easier than others, or more schooled (trained) than others. But society thinks everything is easy and the same. A quote from instructor Katelyn, at Seaton Hackney Stables, tells us, “The way I view riding now is not everyone can be a good rider, it takes a certain type of person to become a higher level rider. Between having patience, strength without tightness; timing, multitasking, drive. You have to be willing to expect what you don’t know. You have to know when is too much, and when is enough, even when you have deadlines, or when you did more last week. When you don’t have all this when riding you can easily ruin the horse. I thought, when I started, that whatever I wanted was just going to happen. I thought I wouldn’t need to practice and it was just going to happen. Like I could just hop on and I’ve been posting correctly right away or I’d just bring my hips back and my two point was just perfect.” Really Katelyn says it all, but this sport is so underestimated and many people agree that this is no joke, people really should take this sport seriously. IEA team instructor, Edie Postel tells us, “I was 4 when my dad took me to a farm near us, as soon as I got on I was smitten, I was bitten with the pony bug, so much so that it intended as I grew older. I started learning, the genetics, the anatomy, and history. I also started teaching and sharing my knowledge with others. I’ve watched this sport has become more legitimate, with people all around learning knowledge of equine units. More and more people have grown to learn about this sport. But the public see a pleasure ride, a trail ride. It is not until you’re in the saddle that you realize the work put into this. The public’s exposure changes their thought on this, i they were to take a look under the hood and see the mechanics, they’d be in awe. Because of these higher levels it also looks like you’re not doing anything.” Edie said most of it, but this determines that people see one part of the equine world, and claim that is all to see.


4.Surfing- Surfing may seem all fun and games, but really, the first time you surf, you may face plant. Imagine standing on a board on an unpredictable wave or current. Not only that but imagine doing tricks on the board, moving from side to side and having to stay on. Also, you have to carry around this heavy long board and make sure it doesn’t hit you if you fall off. And what about competitions? You travel with the board, but you don’t know the oceans as well as you’d know your own. To continue, you also have to find a spot in the water where you can catch a good wave, but you swim out pretty deep and you are constantly being pushed around in the waters. Lastly, you’re in the ocean where wild animals are, wouldn’t you be nervous? It’s unbelievable that they go and wait in the water for a wave. A school teacher and surfer, Mrs. Daly, tells us, “I’d wanted to surf forever. I’ve been boogie boarding, body surfing and stand up paddle boarding for years, so I thought surfing would be easy to pick up. But boy was I wrong! I found it easy to catch waves since I’ve been doing that forever, but actually finding the right timing and strength to stand up while riding the wave is REALLY hard. Not only do you need upper body strength to push yourself up, but also balance and core strength to stay up through the whole ride. It takes strength, agility, endurance, and even some bravery when you’re faced with a monster wave!” As you can now see surfing is more than just standing on a board, it takes strength and timing to catch a good wave!


5.Archery- Archery is definitely different from other sports, but is a definite sport. It is a hard, but not a rough sport. With your bow, you really have to pull the string back the initial reaction you want. If you are under powered your arrow will go nowhere, but being overpowered means needing to have a good aim, or someone could get injured. So in order to get the perfect amount of power you need to hold the bow correctly, aim and breathe. Doesn’t sound hard yet? It’s not supposed to sound hard, it is supposed to sound exciting. It may look easy, but just like many sports archery is not easy. P.E. teacher, Mr. Bigas says, “It is a really cool sport for kids to learn, many kids have not been exposed to archery and have not seen the fun of it. I know I as a kid, would’ve loved it. The only underestimation is the safety. Safety is our major priority. Kids might not see it, but you can easily get hurt.” This can show that the underestimation is not only physical and mental but also safety wise.




As you can see these sports are very underrated along with many others. But now looking at these sports they won’t be seen as easy anymore!


Word Key

Posting-  An up and down movement

Two point – jumping position on horseback